Top 5 Bookkeeper Software Programs for 2020

When Do You Need an Accountant for Your Business Bookkeeper Software BIR audit | Top 5 Bookkeeper Software Programs for 2020 | What are the bookkeeper software options that are dominating the field in 2020? Find out in this guide to the best programs and platforms.

When thinking about business, bookkeeping is an integral part of the accounting process. That being said, it can be overwhelming to look at all the payroll software for accountants.

To make that easier, here are the top five bookkeeper software programs compiled for review. 


When you think of bookkeeping, Quickbooks is one that often comes to mind. It’s been around a long time and has many intuitive features. It works well for a broad array of businesses and their individual needs. 

Due to its popularity, it also has plenty of tutorials and how to use resources. These can be helpful when facing questions or issues using the software. 

The downside is, with all the features, it can be expensive compared to some other options. Also, the Mac version is lacking in options and support compared to its Windows version. 


Freshbooks is sometimes considered bookkeeping light. Although it doesn’t have all the features of Quickbooks, it is more affordable. Pricing is only $15 -$50 a month. It also still offers invoices, estimates, and expenses.

It’s an intuitive software that is growing in popularity. There is much debate between these top two, FreshBooks vs QuickBooks, so it would be a good idea to compare those closely. 


Where Quickbooks started in Windows, Xero started in Mac. That is where it gained popularity. It is known as an easy accounting software for Mac. It offers an impressive 600 integrations including invoicing and inventory. It also has great payroll software for accountants.

One of the most dynamic features is its ability to track individual project expenditures. This is a unique and helpful feature that helps Xero stand out among its competitors.


When you think of Zoho, think efficiency. It’s a well-rounded software that is easy to understand. You don’t need an accounting degree to get good use out of it.

One of the coolest features is an automatic payment reminder for clients. It brags an excellent user interface as well. Another benefit is its price point, ranging from $9 – $29 monthly.


Wave’s most striking selling point is its price, FREE. This software has no cost for the majority of its features. Although it is not as comprehensive or in-depth as the others, it works for basic needs and offers easier accounting.

One of the major downfalls is the payroll program. It is one of the programs that cost money to use and it is not as capable as some of the other options.

Which Bookkeeper Software Is Right for You

Although all of these software programs have their pros and cons, there is always one that will work the best for your individual needs. If you have a smaller business with fewer employees and projects, you may not need all the added features of some of the larger and more expensive options. If you are a freelancer, your needs would be quite different from a thriving business with 20+ employees. 

The best part is although there are many options, there are plenty of reviews and information available to help you make the right decision for your bookkeeper software needs. 

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