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We now live in an age where there’s much more to the workplace than just the physical space. The line between the office and place where the work actually takes place has blurred and most companies operate from the digital workplace. Just take a look at any Australian company out there and you’ll see just how important the digital workplace has become. In case you’re wondering what characteristics of the digital workplace are, make sure you read on.

Relying on data

Long gone are the days when companies used to operate without having no clue how effective their approach is. Nowadays, almost every business is able to collect data and adjust their strategies according to it. Whether you’re running a marketing agency or a web design firm, there are devices and software you can use to monitor every aspect of your work. This includes keeping track of how effective your digital workplace is and identifying opportunities to enhance it.

Using wearable tech

Most companies in Australia now have their employees use wearable devices while working. These little things allow them to stay connected at all times and operate more efficiently. For example, if you have staff members operating in different sectors, they can use wearables to communicate without actually having to use a phone or move between sectors. You can also consider getting a smartwatch for every staff member and ensure they receive notifications before every important meeting.

Working from anywhere

Another great thing about the digital workplace is that employees aren’t bound by physical location to get their work done. This means that you can assign tasks to them even when they’re traveling for work or are on a vacation. Being able to have employees work from anywhere means that you no longer need a “real” office. Instead, you can operate from a coworking space in Melbourne while you have some of your team members work from home. This is exactly why coworking spaces have never been more popular. 

Becoming smart

Let’s face it, smart devices have never been more popular and they’re only going to get bigger in the next couple of years. Companies that operate from digital workplaces know just how important the use of these things is. We already talked about smartwatches but there are a number of other smart devices that might be exactly what your business needs. Not only that but it’s important for employees in a digital environment to know how to use these devices effectively. Smart use of smart devices can help everyone in the office get more work done.

Leading online

Employees in big companies no longer have to schedule appointments with their bosses and managers when there’s something they want to ask. Most of the communication between leaders and employees now happens online, allowing quicker communication and better workflow. Project managers now rely on project management tools which allow them to assign projects and send updates with just a few clicks of a button. Jira, ProWorkflow and Office Timeline are currently the most popular project management software in Australia.

Final thoughts

We already witnessed technology leading to some major changes in the world as we used to know it. It was only a matter of time before these changes started affecting the business world. The traditional office has been replaced with the digital workplace that allows you and your team to stay connected and be more productive.

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