Top 5 Cruise Destinations in 2018

Cruise Destinations

Diana Smith, WED |  A lot of people agree that the voyage itself matters more than the destination and the idea of a cruise is, more or less, the embodiment of this idea. That being said, choosing your cruise destination might not affect your entire journey (as it would with a conventional voyage) but it does radically alter the experience as a whole. So, before you embark on your cruise destination, here are five locations you would be wise to consider visiting.

Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands is definitely a must-visit place at least once in your lifetime; however, what you see there might surprise you. While a tropical haven, this place is also a massive tourist destination, which means that it opens up ample opportunities even for people who are primarily shopping-oriented. This is especially the case with St. Thomas, which is definitely the most developed of the entire US Virgin Island chain. Therefore, visiting this place can be seen as a completely cosmopolitan adventure, while still being a voyage into a tropical paradise. A true compromise that allows you to get the best of both worlds.


Another household name on the list of cruise destinations are the Bahamas. People who envision a perfect journey as a trip to a tropical sandy beach should definitely look no further. Apart from enjoying this passive pastime, there are many adventurous things you could try out in the Bahamas, starting with learning how to surf, to diving and admiring the unique ocean floor. As for the wildlife of the mainland, Bahamas are a home to many different types of iguanas, which makes them  one of the top destinations for all the lizard-lovers out there.


Those wanting to go on more conventional holiday and still enjoy the cruise as part of the deal might want to visit Sydney and then plan their itinerary from there. Needless to say, Sydney is home to some of the most impressive cruise ships out there, from Pacific Pearl, Dawn Princess and Queen Mary 2, which gives you so many options to take into calculation. However, it is still advisable to take this Australian metropolitan area as your unofficial base of operations and plan each of your subsequent trips from there. To further enhance this idea of a luxurious voyage, you can complement your return to the port by hiring Encore Corporate Cars as your means of urban commute.

French Riviera

People who intend to get the most romantic trip possible and couldn’t care less about the cost of such a journey should probably opt for the French Riviera straight away. Your top two destinations are definitely Cannes and the famous principality of Monaco, yet, there are many other sites worth visiting here. Due to its romantic nature (which is something we’ve already discussed), this idea is also great for couples planning their honeymoon, as well as those looking to reignite the passion in their relationship.


Finally, those who are unsure whether their budget can handle a cruise of such proportions need to understand one thing – when it comes to PPP (purchasing power parity), some of these options are incredibly frugal. Speaking of which, Curacao, although a beautiful Caribbean island, is the most affordable Caribbean destination out there, which, on its own, makes it quite compelling for those who are trying to keep this trip budget-friendly.

At the end of the day, whether or not you should pick a cruise mostly depends on your idea of a perfect voyage. People who don’t really like stepping outside of their comfort zone, even on holiday, prefer to get a hotel room and then plan their itinerary from there. However, for people who want something a bit more dynamic, going on a cruise and waking up under a different sky every day might be a better option. Needless to say, this, although a popular experience, is not something that a lot of people are daring enough to try out.