Top 5 Forex Careers to Consider

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There’s no doubt the forex market is an extremely exciting and lucrative market for traders. If you understand the way currencies work, it’s also a place where you can build your wealth. However, with the forex market continuing to play an important part in the modern business world, you can even start a career in forex. Listed below are the top five forex careers you can consider.

Forex market analyst

If you know how the forex market works, why not make a career out of it? There are both brokerages and individuals out there who need detailed reports on what’s happening in the market and you can be the person providing them with it. Your job as a forex market analyst includes keeping a close eye on economic and political issues all over the world and analyzing how it is going to affect currency values. Another thing forex market analysts can do is holding seminars and helping rookie traders improve their understanding of the forex market.

Account manager

Those who have succeeded in trading with forex and understand how the market works can also get a job as an account manager. Account managers are tasked with managing currency mutual and hedge funds but also with helping banks hedge against foreign currency value fluctuations. Another thing you might get to do as an account manager includes managing an individual trader’s account and executing trades in their name. With the large amounts of money involved in these funds and investments, the position of an account manager comes with high stakes.

Exchange operations associate

Every brokerage needs to offer high-level customer service if they want to remain competitive. Just take a look at Ever Forex and the level of customer service they offer. Customer service in forex isn’t necessarily the same customer service as in other fields. The role of an exchange operations associate includes offering a high-level customer service and understanding the forex market in order to provide customers with the right information. If you’re confident in your analytical and problem-solving skills, this might just be the right position for you.


It’s extremely important for the forex market to ensure there are no frauds in the industry. This is why there are regulators who are tasked with working with experts in other fields such as attorneys to ensure there are no wrongdoers in the forex industry. Regulators operate in both public and private sectors, which makes getting hired much easier. Obviously, if you want to become a regulator, it’s necessary to understand the forex market while knowing a thing or two about the law can be quite helpful as well.

Software developer

There’s no need to say that the age we live in is dominated by technology and there seems to be a software for absolutely everything. Forex is no exception and there’s a constant need for new software for traders and everyone else in the industry to use. However, the forex market is complex and not anyone can design this sort of software. Therefore, if you understand the market and have software-developing skills, you might be able to get a job in the industry. Expect software developers to be in demand since companies in forex want to remain competitive and are constantly looking to improve their platforms.

Final thoughts

The possibilities in forex are endless. More and more people are realizing that trading with forex is a lucrative idea which means the entire industry keeps growing and there are new positions being opened all the time. Considering the amount of popularity forex trading got recently, this might be the perfect time to enter the industry.