Top 5 Ways to Keep Fit While on Lockdown

Top 5 Ways to Keep Fit While on Lockdown

WED | Top 5 Ways to Keep Fit While on Lockdown | Now, more than ever, we should be prioritizing our health. Since we’re spending most of our time seated and working on our computers, we need to make an extra effort to keep moving and stay active. Although a big part of keeping fit is through exercise, having a balanced diet and getting adequate sleep is essential as well. 

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The Importance of Staying Active

Given the new normal where everything is done seated and facing computer and phone monitors, prioritizing one’s health is essential. Staying active while on lockdown is important because it helps in strengthening our immune system, which protects us from diseases. Keeping fit also helps one cope with the pandemic-related stress. Not only do you take a break from the news and other pandemic-related matters, you delegate time to take care of yourself. Additionally, exercising produces endorphins, which helps reduce stress and pain. With everything going on, you should still make it a priority to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. 

Top 5 Ways to Keep Fit While on Lockdown

  • Exercising at Home

One of the best ways to keep fit while on lockdown is by exercising at the comfort of your home. Exercising at home is great because you get to choose what kind of exercise to do and how long the exercise would be. There are tons of free workout videos to follow available online. It is recommended to get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity every week. 

Don’t know where to start? The first step is to find an exercise that you enjoy. It’s best to start with bodyweight exercises or exercises that require little to no equipment (e.g. yoga mat). You can still keep fit even without the additional exercise equipment. Examples of these are dancing, yoga and HIIT (or “high intensity interval training”). 

If you want to challenge yourself even more, you can purchase exercise equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls and the like for strength training. Although there are household alternatives for weights (e.g. rice sack, water bottles, couch, etc.), investing in proper exercise equipment is recommended to ensure one’s safety when using the items. 

  • Moving Outside

Although we spend most of our time indoors, it’s still best that we go and move outside everyday (if it’s permitted). Getting a breath of fresh air and some sunlight can greatly affect your mood. Going outside every now and then is great, since it’s a change of environment. Being outside is beneficial since it allows your eyes to have a break from being on your computer or phone screen. 

If possible, you should incorporate exercising outdoors. Some exercises that you can do outside are walking, running and cycling. These exercises give you an opportunity to change your environment, expose yourself to nature and get a breather. 

  • Doing Household Work

One thing to note about keeping fit while on lockdown is knowing that you shouldn’t feel pressured to exercise everyday. Sometimes you don’t have the time or energy set-aside for a workout session.You can still be active by doing chores. By making your bed, cleaning your place or cooking your food, you are still keeping fit because you are moving. Doing household work makes it possible to take care of your environment and yourself at the same time. 

  • Maintaining a healthy diet and staying hydrated

Even though we’re on lockdown, you should still be aware of the food and drinks you’re consuming. Your diet greatly affects your mood and energy levels. If you’re only eating junk, you will feel more tired and drained. But if you’re eating nutrient-dense and healthy food, you will feel a lot more energized. The same goes for your hydration. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is important because this gives you energy for the rest of your work-day. As much as possible, you should be incorporating more fruits, vegetables and drinking water into your day-to-day meals. Aside from that, having a balanced and healthy diet can help strengthen your immune system, something we all need especially now. 

  • Getting adequate sleep

Keeping fit is not exclusive to being active and moving. This also includes rest. Getting enough sleep should also be a priority when keeping fit while on lockdown. Having adequate sleep gives your body time to rest and recover from your everyday activities. You should prioritize rest, as much as you prioritize being active. Sleep deprivation, or not getting enough sleep, is detrimental to one’s health. Not only does it affect your work performance and energy levels, but it also weakens your immune system. 

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