Top 7 Fitness Centers in Bangalore You Must Try in 2019

fitness centers in Bangalore
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Hitting the gym is no more confined to the bodybuilders alone. Not just to cope with the trend, going to the gym has been a part and parcel to the most of us, especially, to the fitness enthusiasts.

Anyway, if you are looking to get in shape, and new to the city, let’s introduce you to the best places to go and get started with your fitness journey. Let’s explore the top 7 Gyms in Bangalore without delay!

Gold Gym Hsr Layout:

With their semi- open roof- top cross fit box, this one is a treat to the body. The culture of this facility is unique in the sense that its one of the few centers to have a fully-fledged bodybuilding facility and crossfit floor all under one roof. With 9000 sq. feet area worth of space, this place is spacious and well maintained.

Gold Gym Hsr Layout

Steam, valet parking and group classes like zumba and yoga are an added benefit. With the Gold’s trademark to back them, you also get additional facilities such as travel pass, giving you access to 700 plus gym’s across the globe and transfer facilities incase you want to move away from Bangalore.  

We can’t give you enough reasons why this gym comes to number 1 facility of Bangalore, but we can tell you have a look yourself.

Gold Gym HSR Layout, No.2631, 27th Main Road, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Opp CPWD Complex, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Figurine Fitness:

Figurine Fitness offers a complete package that fitness enthusiasts like you need to stay fit and fine. They have designed diverse programs including dance aerobics and power yoga to keep the fitness fellows motivated throughout their journey and achieve the fitness goal.

No matter, whether you are joining the gym with a view to losing weight, building muscle or just to stay in shape, Figurine Fitness can be your place in the budget for sure. Popular for their group programs, the energy of this place is high and vibrant.

Haute Fitness:

Equipped with world-class fitness gears, Haute Fitness can be a decent choice for both singles to families and seniors. If you are one of those people struggling with maintaining your workout schedule and office job, Haute Fitness can undoubtedly be your best bet.

Their well trainer staff and forever enthusiastic front desk is something to look forward to. With Les Mills certified group classes including Zumba and bolly aerobics, you are syre to find something to your liking. Weather your goal is to build muscle or lose fat, I strongly suggest you give this place a try.

Naks Gym:

If you have been looking for a place packed with all the essential equipment and highly professional trainers yet offering a more affordable (next to free, I would say) subscription fees, Naks Gym is your ultimate destination. One thing that we can assure is- you will hardly find such pricing in any other gym in the city.

Edge fitness:

If you are a sucker for luxury, this is your spot. Located inside the 7- star property of JW Marriot, this place screams luxury. Their outdoor workout area is breathtaking. Besides a high- class gym facility, they also have a high- end spa not too far.

If you want to get in a good workout followed by an all- you can eat buffet, Edge fitness at JW is a must go- to. They also have some personal training sessions if you choose to, but the overall vibe of the place is that of privacy and luxury. Needless to say, their swimming pool is a lap for comfort and luxury.

Earthen wellness:

We promised you something for everyone’s liking. Earthen wellness is different from any of the others discussed in this list. They focus on Patanjali yoga and you will pay per session. Classes are customized based on the group.

They focus on mind- body connection while healing from the within. If you are looking for a calm yet intense session, book a session with them and experience their facility.

Besides their unique training format, they have a high class facility equipped with lockers and steam rooms.

Chisel Fitness Centre:

Like the Indian Cricket Superstar Virat Kohli, if you too believe in the single mantra #NeverStop in terms with your fitness and disciplined lifestyle, Chisel is your place, no doubt.

They offer a wide range of facilities that include Resistance Zone, Cardio Zone, Functional Zone, and many more to mention. In short, Chisel Fitness Centre is a jack of all trades awaiting to let you master them all.