Top 7 New Year Resolutions for the Entrepreneur in You

A lot of people will make their new year resolutions, however, only a few of them will do something about it. For entrepreneurs, a lot will be inclined to write business goals that will help grow and improve the company’s worth. If you haven’t written one yet for yourself, it’s not too late to do so now.

  1. Take a deep breath and review on what you have done in 2016. Make a chart of SUCCESS and FAIL. Don’t exclude anything when you write both the positives and the negatives. This will help you take a good look of your successes and failures. Remember, whatever you have done right are your strong points. Whatever that you have done wrong, will be used for learning.
  2. For most businessmen, a lot are still using the traditional cold calling approach. Remember, if you are dating someone, you don’t aim to marry the girl on the first date, you focus on establishing a relationship first. There are a lot of modern solutions that you could use to help you analyse your sales efforts.
  3. 2017 is the year of authenticity. Always remember to put that extra human touch by putting a human being behind your digital marketing efforts. Interact with your customers. Get in touch with them. They can help. They are there for a reason, not only to buy from you, but to reveal to you the reasons why you fail and why you succeed with customers like them.
  4. Develop yourself to become better. Read new concepts. Immerse yourself with new technologies. Create new ideas. Be better than your competitor.
  5. Improve your product. It’s okay to spend on something that will create value for you in the future. Keep on improving. Continuous improvement is key to success.
  6. Train your team. Coach them. Empower your staff. Motivate them to achieve greater heights. Ensure that your employees become best at what they are doing. If your employees succeed, so will you.
  7. Take risks. Never allow anything to hold you back. Remember, when they say it’s IMPOSSIBLE, you say I’M POSSIBLE.