Top Five Beautiful Places To Visit In Cuba –  Travel Guide

Top Five Beautiful Places To Visit In Cuba -  Travel Guide

Top Five Beautiful Places To Visit In Cuba –  Travel Guide | A lush green wonderland in the Western part of Cuba is awaiting your footsteps. Here’s what you need to know about while deciding to travel to this fascinating island state with such enormous revolutionary history. 

While flying from New Mexico, you must make a stop at the province of Pinar del Rio. Here, the small agricultural town of Vinales Cuba is known to be a karstic depression. The actual beauty of this place lies in its picturesque valleys. 

Its ecstatic and widespread greenery, along with astounding mogote hills, is what attracts travel connoisseurs from all over the world. Nature lovers often consider Vinales Cuba to be their paradise and confess to finding absolute serenity there. 

Cuba has been long known for its tobacco and cigars. The agricultural livelihood in this small town consists of growing crops in their traditional way. It includes fruits, vegetables, coffee, and special tobacco. 

UNESCO has also certified the Vinales Valley as a World Heritage Site. The country has had its own historical dominance, along with a tinge of vernacular architecture, art forms, crafts, and music. The valley is characterized by a tropical monsoon climate. 

Top Five Things To Do In Cuba

The place offers comfortable accommodation in the form of three-star hotels and private homes licensed to provide bed and breakfast. If you now decide to take a trip, here is what you need to know about things to do in Vinales Cuba.  

  • Vinales Valley Tour

The first and foremost mission to do in Vinales has to be taking a tour of the valley. It’s not worth visiting Cuba if you miss out on a tour to Vinales valley. For travel lovers, one of the most exciting features is some best trekking opportunities around the valley and surrounding farmlands.

A sense of peace suffocates you in a serene land full of such prolific greenery. To have a more rustic experience, it is suggested that you must take a tour guide walking or horse ride tour of the valley.  

With the help of an experienced guide, the horse ride feels much more relaxing. Also, it helps you capture the landscape into your heart. The treks are usually carried out over the flatlands of the valley. Some shorter walks provide equally captivating scenery of the limestone mountains. There is no requirement for any high level of fitness for such tours. 

  • Mural de la Prehistoria Tour

A partly enchanting and partly strange site, the Mural de la Prehistorica is a long stretch of artwork across a limestone hill surrounded by forests. The artwork is a colorful and enormous painting created by a local artist Leovigildo Gonzalez Morillo. This basically depicts the region’s historical scenes.

The rock face mural traverses through different stages of world history. Ranging from early mollusks to prehistoric sea organisms, the age of dinosaurs, and ending with three large red human figures. 

Its simplicity is exceptional and a treat to the eyes. However, a huge effort has been taken to maintain the mural by the community.  

  • Visit The Coffee And Tobacco Plantations

Cuba is one of the top coffee-producing countries in the world. If you are a coffee lover, here in Vinales, you can pay a visit to the Corazon de Valle. Here, you can get insights into how coffee is made in an old-fashioned way.

Taking a tour around the plantations, you can learn how coffee is grown and processed. You can even have a taste of the sample local coffee, honey, and rum that is grown around there. While traveling back home, do not forget to purchase some of those locally grown coffee beans to cherish the feeling of Vinales for some time.

Even if you aren’t a smoker, paying a visit to the tobacco plantations is a whole new experience. Most tours of the Vinales valley consist of a visit to the local working tobacco plantations. Moreover, Cuba is a leading producer of tobacco and cigars in the world, hence the importance of these plantations. 

It is quite similar to a coffee plantation. Here, you will get to learn about the various growth cycles and about the process. They will educate you about how those are planted till the way the tobacco leaves are rolled into cigars. 90% of the tobacco grown has to be sold to the Government. The leftover can be kept for personal use or for sale. 

  • Exploring Caves

When you are thinking about what more you can get to see in Vinales, Cuba, the place does not stop offering. The valley is saturated with caves varying from the ones which are rough and remote. It is strictly meant for hardcore adventurers, to those which can be feasible for people of any age group.

The most admired of these are Cueva del Indio and Palenque de Los Cimarrones. It can be covered by the bus tour. A cave bar laid out over some distance is what makes an enjoyable afternoon at the Palenque de Los Cimarrones. 

The Cueva del Indio or the Indian Cave offers to let you explore the underground scene. It can be covered with a short boat trip and experience the natural limestone tunnels and fascinating rock formations. These caves often acted as a shelter for runaway slaves and communist revolutionaries. 

  • Riding The Hop On Hop Off Bus

It is not the usual red-colored double-decker buses that we usually see on the streets of New York or London. However, if you have a strain on your budget, it is a delightful experience to take a ride on this bus. It takes you on a tour of the best points of interest and attraction for a minimal fare.

The bus constantly drives around and makes stops at the valley, plantations, caves, the mural, and even the Los Jazmines Hotel. The Hotel is most popular for its intriguing viewpoint providing a panoramic view of the entire valley. 

When Are You Deciding To Fly off?

A beautiful land offering such phenomenal scenic beauty is a must-visit for anyone who is looking to run away from the haphazard city life. To relive the slow-paced countryside lifestyle, give your heart and mind a rest from all the frenzy. Hence, it’s a must-visit to Cuba for you to explore the natural beauty of Vinales. 

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