Top Philippines Party List Thanks Supporters of Its Advocacies, Reminds People to Fight the Culture of Death

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Buhay Party List Nominees: Mark Brian Paz, Von Valdepeñas, and Xavy Padilla

World Executives Digest | Top Philippines Party List Thanks Supporters of Its Advocacies, Reminds People to Fight the Culture of Death | Buhay Party List thanked its supporters for rallying towards a common advocacy of fighting the culture of death which has been pervading the Filipino society in recent years.

Buhay Party List welcomed the support of Missionary Families of Christ, a Catholic lay organization with chapters around the world, at a recent event. Deputy Speaker and Congressman Lito Atienza, who founded Buhay Party List and serves as its current representative in Congress, met with Bro. Frank Padilla, MFC’s servant general. The event was also attended by Bro. Narcing Eguia, the National Coordinator of the Catholic movement Live Christ Share Christ (LCSC). Parish-based and campus-based programs are led by the Live Pure Movement, which has pastored hundreds of thousands of Filipino and foreign youth. LCSC is a part of this movement and participates in it.

Buhay Party List Atienza
At the recent event for Buhay supporters: (L-R) Jason Ong, Buhay Board Member; Von Valdepeñas, Buhay First Nominee; Beng Atienza; Cong. Lito Atienza; Bro. Frank Padilla, MFC Servant General; and Gerry Padilla)

To show their support for Buhay Party List advocacies through first nominee Von Valdepeñas, leaders and members of various Rotary Club chapters also attended the event. There were also representatives from the Laguna De Bay FARMC, including its Vice President Francisco Carandang, the General Parents and Teachers Association (GTPA), who all expressed their support for Buhay Party List and its advocacies.

BUHAY has always been a staunch defender of faith, family and life in Congress, and has consistently spoken up on issues that go against our advocacies of pro-God, pro-family and pro-life.

Its efforts in Congress have stopped the Divorce bill from proceeding, and other bills that contribute to the moral degradation of the Filipino people. Buhay supported bills that are anti-corruption, pro-poor and pro-family.

Buhay’s current Representative, Cong. Lito Atienza, is ending its three terms, and the three new nominees hope to continue fighting for what Buhay stands for.

According to a statement made by nominee Xavy Padilla, he said “The three of us – Von Valdepenas, Brian Paz and me, Xavy Padilla – are all young and unapologetically pro-God, pro-family and pro-life. We are committed to continuing fighting for morality in public service, and values in legislation.”

During the recent event, Buhay thanked guests from Friends of Divine Mercy headed by Rene Tumang, Jason Ong of CDO Foodshpere’s, and STI Schools’ Jaeger Tanco. They are staunch defenders of Buhay’s pro-life and pro-family stances and views.

Leaders from Rotary Club, JCI, and Ateneo alumni came to support Buhay and Valdepeñas as the first nominee. Former Laguna Councilor and Harvard and Ateneo De Manila alumnus, Valdepeñas has long been involved in non-profit work. He is an active member of JCI and Rotary. Friends and supporters of Mark Brian Paz, the second-place nominee, were also among the guests. Paz is a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist in his early twenties. When it comes to supporting employee rights and benefits, he and Buhay have much in common. Third nominee Xavy Padilla, an active leader of MFC and LCSC, was supported by his family and friends from the Catholic lay community. He is a staunch advocate of pro-life causes.

Buhay Party List calls on all other organizations, groups and individuals to support Buhay Party List’s advocacies on acknowledging the sanctity and value of human life as the most fundamental element of society and recognizes the rights of individuals disadvantaged by age, sickness, and disability. It believes that every child has the right to be born, the right to live.

The party-list professes to protect and support the unborn, the sick, the disabled and others not capable of protecting themselves alone, through observance of their basic right to live in the Philippines.

These advocacies are summarized as “Maka-Diyos, Maka-Pamilya, Maka-Tao, and Maka-Pilipino,” of which the three nominees of Buhay Party List for the 2022 elections – Von Valdepeñas, Mark Brian Paz and Xavy Padilla – support and espouse.