Top Places to Visit in San Diego

san diego | 4This town does boast of having pleasant climate and enchanting natural beauty. It also has lots of sunshine and mild temperatures. There are several popular attractions here that tourists can enjoy like the Spanish Colonial styled architecture established in Balboa Park, gardens, museums, Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum and San Diego zoo, which is world famous. If you as a tourist want to know something about the town’s history and do some shopping, then you can venture out in the Gaslamp Quarter or streets of State Historic Park. This town is also known for its beaches that stretch over 68 miles, allowing surfing and sunning. 

Top places to visit

  • SeaWorld: It is perhaps among the city’s main attractions, exclusively for families and located along Mission Bay’s waterfront. SeaWorld, for many Americans is known to be a family tradition for a very long time and is there since 190s. The highlights do include sea lions, killer whales, and dolphins, along with other sea life. Several types of rides also have been designed to provide entertainment like roller coasters and carnival type rides exclusively for tots. This aquarium allows visitors to have check out the sea creatures and sharks from close quarters, viewed through the acrylic tunnel.
  • Balboa Park: This park covers an area of about 1,400 acre and has several museums, historical buildings, green space and gardens. It had been created for the 1915-1916 Panama California Exhibition, with some buildings still remaining after that event. The architecture here is of low rise, Spanish styled buildings which blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings. The important highlights here are Museum of Man, lily pond and botanical gardens, Natural History Museum, San Diego Art Museum and the well-known San Diego Zoo. The park is a wonderful place to stroll about. 
  • San Diego Zoo: This zoo established in Balboa Park is considered to be the most famous and largest zoos in the U.S. It does boast of having various types of exotic animals, which includes pandas. The zoo spreads out along the canyon, having several hills which at times may pose to be a challenge for visitors venturing through the site. The animal enclosures here have been created to reciprocate its natural settings. 
  • Seaport Village: It is indeed a delightful spot to stroll about and spend the afternoon time. this village is located on the waterfront and has restaurants and unique shops. You can come across waterfront patios, benches and picnic tables spread around and the entire area becomes busy during weekends. There are held regular shows by outdoor performers on stage during the afternoons, of which some re quite eclectic. From here, you can check out several close by attractions on foot including USS Midway. There is expensive and limited parking at this Village. Hence, it will be wise to park your vehicle a bit distance away to enjoy strolling to the site, enjoying the waterfront. 
  • Gaslamp Quarter: National Historic District of Gaslamp Quarter is located in San Diego’s downtown. You can come across the late 19th & early 20th century buildings of the Victorian era that has been restored. This area is quite trendy with its galleries, restaurants and shops attracting both tourists and locals alike. Less than 20 blocks have been covered by this area which runs to San Diego Bay from Broadway. Several high-end hotels are also present here in large numbers which are popular among business travellers and tourists, because of its great location. The 1970s saw some restoration work of the area, thus allowing it to be listed as among the Historic Places in the National Register. 
  • Cabrillo National Monument and Point Loma: You can get an incredible view from Point Loma of the vast Pacific Ocean and over San Diego. It was at this place, where the famous sailor Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo had first landed on U.S. west coast in 1542. There are numerous exhibits and displays here at Cabrillo National Monument, which clearly shows the history of Cabrillo’s incredible ‘Discovery Voyage’. You can get to see a large statue of Cabrillo gazing over his discovered land. Old Point-Loma Lighthouse is another popular place of interest constructed in 1858. You can check out the refurbished lighthouse building. You will be simply enthralled with the scenic roadway of Point Loma. 
  • Old Town – State Historic Park: You can check out the town’s early American and Mexican history as well as enjoy dining and shopping. Some demobilized Mexican soldiers had established this town in 1820 and were known to have served in the military at Presidio Hill fort or Presidio, both located here. Most historic buildings along with adobe houses are repaired. There are also present restaurants and shops with outdoor patios. No admission fee is required to enter the park. 
  • Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum: Along the waterfront trail of San Diego, you can come across one of the largest military ship in the U.S., which is USS Midway that has been decommissioned and berthed permanently at Navy Pier. Some of the highlights include 25 restored aircraft and 60+ exhibits. The ship had once accommodated over 225,000 military personnel. Self-guided audio tour is available to help visitors to know about its history. You can even try out the onboard flight simulator at an extra charge. 
  • San Diego Art Museum: This art museum is stated to be a replica of Salamanca University of the 17th century in Platero style, boasting of finely chiselled silversmith and terracotta work. There are busts of popular Spanish painters which adorn the façade, while their creations can be found on the museum’s collection. The collection does boast of being from all parts of the world, with some pieces dating back to about 7,000 years. There are highlighted Asian art, Spanish paintings, American art and European art. 

There are various types of hotels in San Diego to accommodate the different needs and budget of its guests.