How to Transfer and Relocate Heavy Machinery Safely


Ralph Jurado, World Executives Digest | You may come upon situations sometimes or often, when you have to transfer or relocate a whole set of machinery, particularly some of them or one heavy machine to another place. If this happens, and this mainly happens during relocating old factories, or evacuating old machinery sites, you need to take preparations to get things done. Machinery transportation is not as easy as said. You can transfer cargo much easily, because you simply lift it with arm power or cranes, and transfer it. But machines are different. They need to be handled with more care and knowledge.

The Right Knowledge About Machine Type for Handling the Heavy Weight

The right knowledge is a must. There are various factories and types of machines. Some machines are heavy weight and tough. And, some are fragile yet too heavy. And some are full of chemical or toxic residues etc. And then there are machines which cannot be moved, and machines which are mobile. There are all sorts of machines in factories and industries, with different make and engineering. Every different type of machinery needs a different style of handling and lifting and placing. This means the people handling them must have proper knowledge of what kind of things they are handling, and the threats and dangers from any mishandling etc.

The right knowledge coupled with enough experience is the right combination in handling machinery for transport and relocation. It’s not just about lifting heavy machine from one spot to another in a factory, or lifting it a few tiers. It’s all about relocating it to a different place, may be near or far or abroad. Hence all these need ample expertise and experience of prior handling, or the guidance of experienced people.

Idea of Lifts and Heights

How to lift a heavy machine, and how to pack all machines in a factory to completely relocate is not just a job, but a great project involving execution of ideas with lots of care and precaution. One mistake can make one pay huge. Hence, the people who really are undertaking projects have the right idea of how much weight to lift and handle in which way, and about the lifting heights and techniques, the right use of tools and machinery for lifting and all. Therefore, when you are giving away the contract to people to relocate your machinery, you must find out how much they know of it. Only professionals can handle the job properly.

Infrastructure to Handle Many Machines and Transfer at A Time

A factory and heavy machinery relocation service will not operate without a proper infrastructure. Hence if you ever need to hire one, first inquire about their infrastructure. Only the people or team with the right transferring, lifting and packaging infrastructure will be able to undertake such projects. Heavy cranes, large and small several sizes and all are needed for lifting items on to the trucks. Moreover, manpower is also needed to disassemble larger machines which cannot be transferred without this. The right combination of manpower and infra makes a team perfect for handling the machinery relocation job.

Permit and Insurance

To complete jobs like this, the relocating services must have the necessary permits. Lots of permits are needed; permits to handle cranes by experienced licensed persons, and permits to handle transfer trucks and shipments, and permits to pack, and permits for road transport and so on. Moreover, insurances are a must. Insurances protect your losses when a machine or anything may get damaged in the process. You should book a service only after knowing of all such things.