Traveling to Japan? Don’t Forget to Take These 8 Essentials With You

Traveling to Japan

Japan is one of the most technologically-advanced and most highly-developed countries on Earth. In certain areas, such as internet connectivity, they’re undoubtedly one of the world’s leading nations. Japan also takes the lead when it comes to the sheer quality and price of different kinds of consumer goods, which means it’s often best to just travel light and only buy things when a specific need comes up, rather than wasting precious luggage space on so-called emergency items.

However, there are certain travel essentials that you shouldn’t go without when you’re taking a trip to Japan. Here are just some of the most important things to take with you on your first trip to Japan.

1.) Cash and credit cards

Certain categories of consumer goods may be unfathomably cheap in Japan, but eating out, traveling, and accommodations can be expensive by most standards. You will definitely want access to a widely accepted credit card as well as a safe amount of cash on hand.

2.) Electrical adaptors

Make sure to bring a couple of adaptor plugs that are suited for power outlets in Japan, as your devices may run out of juice at the most inopportune moments. Sure, you could buy adaptors in Japan, but having the right ones on hand just makes more sense and saves you the trouble of looking for an electrical supplies store.

3.) Powerbank

You’ll definitely want to have extra power on hand for your devices, particular your smartphone as well as your cameras if you brought a separate one. There are countless memorable sights (and sounds) all over Japan, and you won’t regret recording all those small first-time experiences you’re sure to have.

4.) Pocket WiFi

Messing around with expensive data plans that might not even be in a language you understand is probably the last thing you want to do. Getting an unlimited LTE data pocket WiFi specifically for use in Japan is definitely a great idea and can save you and everyone else in your group a lot of money on roaming data charges. A number of companies like Japan Wifi Buddy offer pocket WiFi devices or prepaid sim cards, intended for travelers and expats that will let you connect to the internet as soon as your plane lands.

5.) Medication

You may find it difficult to find certain medicines in Japan, so be sure to take any prescribed medication with you. Make sure you have more than enough for your planned trip, as there might be unforeseen delays that may cause you to stay longer than intended.

6.) The right clothes

Japan has an incredibly diverse set of climates, ranging from the subtropical in Okinawa to the subarctic in Hokkaido. It also has numerous mountain areas where the temperature may be much colder than it is on the foothills. This makes it important to have the appropriate attire on hand when you arrive in Japan.

Many seasoned travelers to Japan advise using layers rather than bulky winter gear, as layers will let you be warmer because of the trapped air while also making it easier for you to comfortably remove or add clothes as conditions dictate.

7.) Comfortable footwear

Chances are you will be doing a lot of walking in Japan. Everyone in Japan walks, which may be part of the reason why the Japanese are so healthy. In any case, make sure to pack the most comfortable walking shoes you can get, as it’s not unusual for tourists to be walking for as much as 10 hours a day!

8.) Extra space in your luggage

It’s a huge mistake to bring a stuffed suitcase on your way to Japan.  Not only will your dirty clothes seem to expand on your way back home, but you’re also going to inevitably find that you’ll want to take home a few things with you.