Tree planting keeps Mitsubishi Electric on track as ‘green’ company

mitsubishi electric tree planting 2017 - world executives digest
Executives and employee volunteers of the Mitsubihi Electric Group of Companies in the Philippines take part in creating a greener society

by Kyla Camille Nievera, World Executives Digest |

Rizal, Laguna, PHILIPPINES | Top equipment and electronics manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric is committed to fulfilling its goal of being a “green” company through its Environmental Vision 2021, which espouses respect for nature in all aspects of its business operations.

In the Philippines, Mitsubishi Electric subsidiaries are contributing to the goal through a tree planting drive, the first of which was recently implemented in the mountainous area of Tayak Hill in Rizal, Laguna.

Employees from Mitsubishi Electric Asia Corporate Office (MEAP-ACO), International Elevator & Equipment, Inc. (IEE) and Laguna Autoparts Manufacturing Corp. (LAMCOR) planted 1,000 seedlings of guyabano and bignay at Rizal, Laguna.

MEAP Director of Asia Corporate Office Shoichi Suwa, IEE president Ramoncito Ocampo and LAMCOR president Yoshinori Osaka led the volunteer tree-planters.

“Our company is turning 100 years old in 2021. To sustain our operation, we need to be a good corporate citizen by protecting the environment,” said Suwa about the tree planting activity. “Our production process should have a minimum impact to the environment. We are doing that in our daily operation, but at the same time we are doing tree planting for our employees to recognize that our company has a tradition of making things better for society and the environment.”

According to Suwa, climate change is one of the most critical issues that companies must address in order to realize a sustainable global environment. “For example, we experience abnormal weather such as concentrated heavy rain that we have never experienced in the past decades. By tree planting, we can make forests bountiful, cut carbon dioxide and increase oxygen levels in the air, and prevent landslides,” he explained.

Suwa added that Mitsubishi Electric indirectly protects the environment by designing and manufacturing eco-friendly products.

“LAMCOR manufactures automotive electric power steering models that improve car fuel efficiency by three percent. As a result, exhaust of carbon dioxide decreases by 3 percent,” he pointed out.

MEAP, IEE and LAMCOR identified Tayak Hill as an important tree planting site because it is a known catchment area for rainwater. Tree roots help the soil filter rainwater and produce clean spring water for drinking, according to Suwa.

Rizal Mayor Tony Aurelio added that Tayak Hill sustains the Seven Lakes of San Pablo, which in turn supplies households in Barangay Taal and other areas in Laguna with water at an affordable cost.

“You are not simply planting trees and complying with your company’s CSR. You are creating a fruitful tomorrow for the next generation,” said the mayor in his remarks during the activity.

mitsubishi electric tree planting 2017 - 2 - world executives digest
Rizal Mayor Tony Aurelio (2nd from left) presented with a token of appreciation by IEE President Ramoncito Ocampo, MEAP-ACO Director of Asia Corporate Office Shoichi Suwa, and LAMCOR President Yoshinori Osaka

As part of ensuring the sustainability of the tree planting effort, Mitsubishi Electric subsidiaries have coordinated with the local government of Rizal and Barangay Taal to employ local caretakers to look after the seedlings.

Suwa added that Mitsubishi companies in the Philippines will conduct more tree planting events and other environmental protection activities like clean-ups, recycling competition and vegetable gardening training for schools.