Types of Bathrooms (Infographic)

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Trevor Hunt, World Executives Digest |  Despite being one of the rooms in any house that can fall a bit low on the priority list in terms of customization, decoration, and renovation, the bathroom is one of the most essential parts of the house since it serves not only as a place to cleanse ourselves but is also a place where we can spend a comfortable time in. It just really falls at the near-bottom of the list for many homeowners, not because it’s intentional, but because it is only visited out of necessity, and we don’t normally hang out in it for more than the time we need to.

Despite this, it’s still important that you know about the different kinds of bathrooms there is. This is important when you need to redecorate or even checking out the bathrooms when choosing your new home. You may hear them from real estate agents, interior designers, and home decorating channels, or you may have read it in home improvement magazines and other websites, but do you really know or understand what the different bathroom types mean?

In the construction world, there are 4 typical types of bathrooms that homeowners can choose from. While each aim to provide the same service and function, every type has a different layout, composition, design, and size – which are all designed so that they suit the different types of needs of different types of people who are likely to use them the most.

Here are the 4 different types of bathroom, as explained by this infographic by Luxury Commercial Bath:

  1. Master Bathroom – One of the most private and relaxing spaces, the master bathroom is often designed to set a relaxing mood. It is a full bath that adjoins to the master bedroom.
  2. Full Bathroom – Contrary to popular belief, a full bathroom is not synonymous to a master bathroom. This type of bathroom is also one of the most popular among homeowners.
  3. Three-Quarter Bathroom – Usually small, but large enough to include a shower, a vanity or a sink, a toilet, and probably storage shelves.
  4. Powder Room – The smallest type of bathroom a home can have, but it can still make a big impact.

Learn more about these types of bathrooms and what suites your lifestyle by reading the infographic now: