Understanding Workers Compensation: Light-Duty Work and Your Claim

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WorldExecutivesDigest.com | Understanding Workers Compensation: Light-Duty Work and Your Claim | It can be difficult to understand workers’ compensation. Light-duty work can have an effect on your claim. Read our brief guide to learn how. | The most costly lost-time worker’s compensation claims involve the head and central nervous system. This is because these injuries can affect everything you do. The average cost for this type of injury is about $96,899 per claim

Employers try to reduce their worker’s compensation costs by offering their employees’ workers compensation light-duty work. But did you know that accepting and doing light-duty work can affect your claim? Read this guide and learn how. 

What Is Light-Duty Work Restriction? 

After you get injured in a workplace accident, you’ll need to see a doctor who will assess your injuries and determine you’re fit to continue working. Sometimes, the doctor will provide you with restrictions for the intensity and type of work you do. 

Light-duty work is an alternative set of duties from your regular job that are less physically demanding. 

Examples of Work 

Instead of doing the heavy physical labor, you’ll do things like supervising the job site, manage inventory, and perform administrative tasks. Whatever tasks you’re asked to do, they need to be within your doctor’s guidelines. 

How Workers Comp Light Duty Affects Your Benefit Amount 

There are several valuable resources for employers like this one here. But you also need to protect your rights. You need to know the ramifications of accepting light-duty work. 

If you accept a position that pays you the same amount or more than what you were making before your injury, then your lost wages will cease. If you accept a position that makes less money than your prior positions, then you’ll only receive partial benefits. 

Your Employer Offers You Light-Duty Work 

Light-duty work laws state that you don’t have to accept a light-duty position as a replacement after an injury. But if you turn it down, your employer can request a compensation judge to terminate or modify the benefits your receiving. In other words, you cannot turn down work that you’re physically able to do with the hope of continuing to receiving workmans comp.

What to Do When Offered Light-Duty Work 

If your employer offers you light-duty work, you need to act promptly. If you request an extension, you need to have a good reason for it. Then failing to show up on your designated start day can put your benefits in jeopardy. 

The best thing to do when you’ve been injured is to seek legal representation. Then you can seek the advice of your legal counsel when offered light-duty work. Your attorney will be able to help you determine your rights and if the light-duty work offered is reasonable. 

Protect Yourself With Workers Compensation Light-Duty Work

If you get injured while on the job, your employer may offer you light-duty work. This alternative position can potentially reduce or terminate your current benefits. If you’re offered workers compensation light-duty work, don’t delay and find more here about how your attorney can help you determine the best course of action.

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