Use Tech to Boost Your Productivity in the Digital Workplace

workforce productivity

As the pace of the 21st century gets closer to the speed of light, we keep looking for more effective solutions to avoid those work hurdles and boost our work capacity and productivity. What better way to do just that than with the help of technology, whose innovation seems to be rushing at equal speed forward?

Let’s see how you can implement some of the simplest, yet most powerful tech solutions to streamline your workflow and work smarter with more productivity at your disposal.

The omnipresent cloud

Whether you work alone, as a freelancer, a member of a small, dedicated team, or in a giant corporation with hundreds of employees scattered across the globe, information access is vital for success and productivity. If you waste hours of your time jumping through hoops only to get the document you need to finish your own project, it creates a bottleneck of trouble for many others that take part in that communication.

That is why using cloud storage where anyone can find the right bit of material they need to do their work properly is an excellent way to create a permanent shortcut.

Track your time

Most of us have no clue where we spend the majority of our time, even when it seems that all of it goes on a single task at a time. However, you cannot possibly improve your productivity until you learn how to better allocate your own time, and that is best achieved with tools such as Toggl, which help you track your time.

That way, you’ll see which aspects of your workday are actually contributing to your productivity, and which are mere distractions that prevent you from focusing on the right task.

Tune out the noise

Even if you do all of your work on your computer, but you spend time either surrounded with people or with plenty of noise just outside of your window, the sheer volume of distractions can wreak havoc on your ability to stay creative.

For those online conference calls, as well as listening to your favorite tunes for stimulating your creative process, using sound-isolating earphones such as Shure SE846 can help you focus on what matters most at any given moment. No more noise from the construction site outside of your building, or missing out on crucial information from others in a meeting because you cannot hear what they’re saying.

Simplify the communication

Not every project is best completed with the help of an ongoing email correspondence, especially if you do your best to minimize distractions and stay focused on the task at hand without checking your email every two minutes.

However, software such as Slack and similar chat tools enable digital offices to thrive by allowing you to stay connected with your teammates and ask the most relevant person for help at a moment’s notice. From sharing files, messaging someone directly, all the way to group chats where you can brainstorm online, these communication tools are a great way to stay in touch online.

Create a seamless workflow

Time management heavily relies on how organized you can be during any given day, hence the need to create order in your digital environment with instant access to the most pressing assignments and the ability to structure your day.

A simple example are platforms such as Basecamp or Trello, which offer a multitude of different ways to communicate with your teammates, organize your schedule, and make your collaboration more seamless and effective.