Using Office Design to Boost Productivity at Work



Gem Trevor, World Executives Digest | If your business is frequented by your clients, you are well aware of the importance of impeccable office design. There is, however, more to office design that mere aesthetics. Nothing is more important than a functional and, more importantly, comfortable space to work in, as this heavily impacts the overall productivity.

Get rid of the clutter

A cluttered living area will evoke disorder and anxiety. A cluttered workspace, however, brings distraction and procrastination to the table. These ultimate productivity killers mean one thing: when tackling workspace design, getting rid of the clutter should always be your step number one. Make a list of items that you really need and get rid of everything else that is less important.

Provide proper lighting

A dark, gloomy office is a terrible place for getting anything done – if you’ve ever worked in such an environment, you know all about this. Sunlight is always the best way to go and you should do everything in your power to provide your office with enough of it. Maybe you can try installing more windows or skylights. Unfortunately, some offices are simply placed on the dark side of the building and, no matter how many windows you install, your workforce will be lacking sunlight at some point. This means that you have to go for the next best thing, which is, in this instance, LED, or CFL lights. Although both of these alternatives to regular lighting are somewhat more expensive than the typical light bulbs, they are an excellent long-term solution. CFLs are less expensive, but much less efficient than their pricier LED counterparts.

Consider your colors

Colors have incredible mood-altering capabilities and can have a big impact on your productivity.
Blue, for example, will stimulate your mind. However, blue has a boring feel to it, so combining it with an exciting color, such as orange, is a smart way to go.
Yellow, on the other hand, inspires creativity and good mood.
Green, however, is the color that you should be going for – its calming and reassuring properties evoke balance and, as such, it is fantastic for mitigating stressful vibes, while inspiring a relaxed feeling.
Finally, red has aggressive properties – there is nothing calming about it, but it can definitely boost productivity if there’s a physical aspect to your line of work.

Avoid saving on furniture

Sure, expensive chairs for each of your workers will set you back quite a bit, but opting for ergonomic furniture and accessories within your office will go a long way in boosting your employees’ motivation and productivity. Struggling with physically uncomfortable furniture for a couple of hours is a tolerable experience, but imagine having to come to the office and sit in a back-pain inducing chair for hours on end.
Additionally, your clients will definitely take notice of the comfort that you offer; in fact, they will probably expect it to begin with!
Comfortable, adjustable and mobile furniture can go a long way in boosting your in-office productivity, but let’s not forget about the aesthetics, as they also have a role to play here. Neatly placed and good-looking rugs can do more than you think.

Improve your office layout

Now that clutter, lighting, colors and furniture are taken care of, it is time to do even more! Take a good look at where your employees are placed and compare this to how frequently each one of them uses certain office equipment. Find a way to improve the office flow – for example, placing fax machines, printers and other frequently-used items in easily accessible, yet separated (these create noise clutter) areas can do wonders for office productivity.

A lot can be done in terms of office design in order to achieve maximum productivity. Remove the clutter, think about comfort, both in physical and mental terms and do not try and save money by getting used, broken, or simply uncomfortable furniture. Consider your in-office coloring and think carefully about how efficient your general office layout is.