Various Causes of Blocked Sewer

Blocked Sewer

There are a number of factors responsible for the blocked sewer. We often tend to ignore the factors responsible for the clogged sewer lines. All plumbing fixtures and drain pipes are connected to the main sewer line. Due a lot of reasons the sewer gets clogged in a way that they even collapse and call for further expensive repairs or replacement. So here we are discussing some of the common causes of the blocked sewer.

There are certain symptoms that are sign and indication of the problem or the fault in the main sewer line. it might require repair or replacement of the main sewer lines. It might also get clean with the several cleaning techniques.

Here are the indications of the blocked sewer that you must not avoid and immediately take action in this regard.

#1. Sagging sewer line

One of the biggest reasons can be sagging sewer line. However, this is not in human control and happen because of the ground or the soil condition. The bellied pipe occurs because when a section of the pipe sunk down over a time. This sagging sewer line tend to collect the waste and results in blockages.

#2. Severe damage in pipe line

The problem of drains leakage through the sewer system arises because of the ruptured pipes or broken drains. This might happen because of the shifting soil condition, use of heavy construction equipment above the sewer line. corrosion of old pipes, breaking and collapsing and other such factors leading to leakages and water blockages.

#3. Root infiltration

Old sewer lines attract the tree and shrub roots. The pipes and sewer lines having loose joints make water escape from these points and attract the tree roots to expand towards the water source. And ultimately, it cause the blocked sewer due to infiltration of the roots.

#4. Pouring grease down the drain

Fatty greasy substances when flushed down the drain is the cause of the clogging pines and drain lines. They accumulate inside the pipes and attract other waste. Therefore, never flush down the grease, oil and other such substances causing blocked sewer.

#5. Flushing debris and other waste

You must know what to flush down the drain and what not. This is important, as you flush down some or the other things that further is responsible for blocked sewer. Hence, you should never flush down the tampons, condom, diapers, wipes, sanitary pads, and other such things.

#6. What are the warning signs and indications of blocked sewer?

Here are certain warning signs of the clocked sewer, which you should not ignore at any cost. Immediately rush to the professionals to clear the blockage in the sewer line.

#7. Clogging in multiple fixtures

It is a clear indication of the blocked sewer when you find clogging in a number of fixtures in your bathroom, kitchen, home or other such fixtures and fittings. An individual pipe blockage may not be the cause of blocked sewer, but a number of fixtures troubling might be an actual reason for blocked sewer.

#8. Strange reactions of plumbing fixtures

When you hear a gurgling sound after flushing the toilet or bathtub or shower drainage making unnatural sound, you must call for the professionals for looking into the matter. if there is a bubbling toilet water or a problem in running water smoothly then you must call for the experts. These are the clear indication of blocked sewer.

The blocked sewer needs high expertise and professionals to look into the matter and solve the problem in an effective manner. They use high-end tools and equipment to sort out the problem.

So, these are the causes of the blocked sewer. Therefore, one must call the professionals for annual sewer cleaning and to tackle down the other such factors.