The Vast World of Wooden Pallets

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Joel Borthwick, World Executives Digest |  Wooden pallets are especially strong and rigid platforms. They are economical, effective and easy to use for many purposes like making of decorative items, wooden tables, chairs, card boards, wardrobes and many other products.

Wooden pallets are used primarily for transporting the goods from one place to another. These pallets are used not just for packing the material but also for stacking goods safety.

Types of The Wooden Pallets:

  • Block Pallet: A wooden pallet with a block between the top and bottom decks is called as block pallet.
  • Two-way Stringer Pallet: It has three stringers between the top and bottom decks and is also called as 2-way wooden pallet.
  • Four-way Stringer Wooden Pallet: The stringers between the decks are notched for forklift access from all four sides.
  • Solid Deck Pallet: This is the wooden pallet that is constructed with no spacing between the top deck boards.
  • Single Wing Wooden Pallet: This is the wooden pallet with top deck boards extending beyond the edges of stringers or stringer boards.
  • Double Wing Wooden Pallet: A wooden pallet with top and bottom deck boards extending beyond the edges of the stringers.
  • Chemical Pallet: Wooden pallets for the chemical industry are manufactured in nine specifications.

There are many types of the wooden pallet which are used to ship or transport different products. The various types of pallet are export pallets, nest-able plastic pallets, industrial strength plastic pallets, heavy duty pallets, rack-able pallets, stack-able pallets, plastic drum pallets, recycled wood pallets, new wood pallets, pressed wood pallets, wood block pallets, wood drum pallets, spill containment pallets, metal pallets, corrugated pallets or cardboard pallets, EUR or EPAL pallets, half pallets (CHEP), Display pallets and custom pallets.

Cost of Wooden Pallets:

  • The cost of wooden pallets depends on many factors like it depends upon the choice of material like wood or corrugated paper. It also depends on the type of pallet whether the wooden pallet is old or new. Wooden pallets are the best choice for heavy items and many other purposes when it comes to the selection of pallets.
  • You can also get pallets for free but the quality and quantity you get for free is not so good and can be problematic.
  • Because of the low price of the wooden pallets, they are used for export and shipping products. The price varies mainly on two factors. One is the strength, necessary for reuse of the wooden pallets and second is manufacturing process and the material used. 
  • The “reusable” pallets can last long and can perform well over the long term. Because of the durability of these types of wooden pallets they are more expensive as compared to others.

Because of the lower price of wooden pallets, they are used most widely for shipping and export but still many people prefer to use plastic pallets for this purpose. You can buy wooden pallets online as well as offline. You can buy both used and new wooden pallets but the price of both is different.

Cutting of trees can risk our environment so we should recycle the wooden pallets which will reduce the demand for the timber. It saves our environment and forest habitats. If you reuse wooden pallets, then you will be able to contribute a little to save our forests.

As using recycled wood instead of new reduces the demand for deforestation so the forest filters the carbon dioxide. There are manufactures, suppliers, and exporters of the wooden pallets through whom you can buy wooden pallets and if you already have wooden pallets then you can convert those pallets into money by selling pallets to exporters.