Warehousing 101: Warehouse Maintenance Checklist

warehouse maintenance checklist

A warehouse maintenance checklist must be ready at all time to ensure the safety and prime condition of a storage facility. One would never know when accidents would happen so being safe would be better. In case delays happen due to the dangers, the operations of a warehouse would surely be affected. Not only would it cost thousands to repair things around, but would also pose risks to the employees themselves.

Here’s a brief warehouse maintenance checklist to note for a warehouse’s safety:

  • Goods in safe and neatly piled pallets or boxes
  • Complete and intact safety gear
  • Hazard mitigation systems (sprinkler system, fire extinguisher, etc)
  • Clear labels for danger zones, fire exit, and other signage
  • Updated operational authorizations and protocols for machines and warehouse
  • Safety drills (fire and evacuation)
  • Working equipment and machinery
  • Updated warehouse management system
  • Unobstructed and clean aisles, ramps, stairways, loading and unloading areas
  • Condition of lighting and electrical wiring
  • Functional employees’ area and facilities
  • Warehouse ventilation
  • Monthly evaluation
  • Updated floor plan in designated posts

Listed above are just few of the basic things to include on a warehouse maintenance checklist. To know more about warehouse maintenance and management, join Dr. Enrico Mina, Senior Lecturer and Director of Executive Master of Business Administration Program (EMBA) of Papua New Guinea University of Technology as he discusses on this topic on September 27, 2017 at the RCBC Plaza Makati.

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