Waterfront Hotels and Casinos: Hotels With A Filipino Heart


With the expected 10 percent increase in tourist arrivals in 2017, the Philippine tourism industry is, without question, seeing an upsurge. This projected growth has brought about an analogous growth in the hotel industry, inspiring established brands to expand and enhance their facilities. It has also seen the arrival of new players in the hospitality industry, which are hoping to capitalize on the growing interest in the Philippines as one of the world’s most desirable destinations. Most of the emerging establishments are, not surprisingly, international names of superlative reputation.

In the face of these developments, one Filipino-owned hotel chain has proudly endured the competition to establish itself as a leading name in the hospitality industry – Waterfront Hotels and Casinos. Today, Waterfront figures as the biggest Filipino-owned and – managed hotel chain in the country with 1,226 rooms.

Key to Waterfront’s success are the management and operations systems inspired by age-old Filipino values that guide the day-to-day undertakings in all the Waterfront properties. Traditional customs such as a strong sense of community, all-out hospitality, and a genuine concern for the well-being of others are all in place as part of the chain’s core values and practiced diligently by staff and executives alike.

One of Waterfront’s strengths is accessibility. Located in the key cities of Manila, Cebu and Davao, all Waterfront properties are strategically situated in close proximity to the commercial, business, cultural and entertainment hub in the localities they are in. This gives guests the convenience to attend to their needs and, at the same time, experience and enjoy the attractions of the city. The choice of location reflects the Filipino’s innate concern for the convenience and comfort of others. At any Waterfront property, expect the members of the staff to assist guests in making recommendations on where to go and how to get to any location within the city the hotel is located in.

The pleasures of Waterfront reflect the essence of its slogan: “We’re at the Center of it all!”. Inside, the handsome amenities and warm, yet efficient service place guests at the center of luxury. Outside, the property’s ideal locations put them right at the heart of the city’s pulse.

At Waterfront, every aspect of service follows a culture-building program that follows the Filipino’s strong culture of fellowship. Called the “10 Waterfront Ways”, this guide takes inspiration from the renowned Filipino hospitality. This guidebook trains the staff in giving service with a smile, having a sincere intention to please, the willingness to help, and the ability to feel compassion and understanding.

Furthermore, Waterfront sees to the continuing training and education of their staff. Many undergo intensive training and receive their international certifications from the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute or AHLEI, an acknowledged leader in hospitality education and training. The certificate signifies their compliance with global standards as Certified Hospitality Sales Professional (CHSP) and Certified Hospitality Department Trainer (CHDT).

Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao Hotel Manager Bryan Yves Lasala emphasizes that “peers who are well-trained with the highest level of standards are essential in providing utmost Filipino hospitality towards total guest satisfaction which is the core vision of the Waterfront group.”

The food at Waterfront, too, conveys the Filipino’s passion for celebrating the bounties of life. In all of its food and beverage outlets, drinks and eats are prepared carefully to bring out the freshest flavors, the vibrant colors, and appetizing textures for the guests’ ultimate pleasure and enjoyment.

The heart that motivates the quality of service and corporate culture at all Waterfront properties is undoubtedly Filipino. It is a heart that’s resilient in the face of challenges, kind in its purpose, and welcoming in nature to embrace friends and strangers alike to the warmth and comfort of its home.