What Are Pharmacy Technician Requirements? A Simple Guide

Pharmacy Technician

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There are over 400,000 pharmacy technicians working in the United States as being a pharmacy tech is a great allied-health career. 

It’s a field where job growth remains strong. If you have ever considered becoming a pharmacy technician, you’re probably wondering what pharmacy technician requirements there are. 

Pharmacy technicians work by helping pharmacists. They dispense, prepare, and label prescription medication under the supervision of the pharmacist. Whether you are working in a big box store, a small pharmacy, hospital, or even mail-order services, pharmacy techs work anywhere medicine is dispensed. 

Pharmacy Technician Requirements

The pharmacy technician requirements vary depending on what state you are in. If you have searched for how to become a pharmacy technician, you’ll have noticed that most states require only a high school diploma. This is true in most states, but if you get specific training for the job, you’ll have a much better chance. 

The base requirements for becoming a pharmacy technician are deceptively low. Reading about it would make it seem that just anybody can go down to a pharmacy, apply and start working as a pharmacy technician. As you are about to see, that is not exactly the case.

Basic Job Skills 

To become a pharmacy technician, you must have basic math and chemistry understanding. You will be working with the public, so communication skills and a willingness to help people is critical. You should want to assist your patients with their medication. 

Be prepared to have to deal with people who are not in the best mental or emotional state. People who are sick, injured, or dealing with chronic conditions are under a lot of stress. That stress can make them act differently than they normally would.

If you don’t want to deal with emotional people and assist them, you may not want to continue on the path to become a pharmacy technician. Like many jobs, most pharmacy technicians work as part of a team. If you do not like working closely with others, becoming a pharmacy technician will not be for you. 

Not Just a High School Diploma

While the entry bar is low, you will have to complete tests that prove you have the knowledge required to be a pharmacy technician. Some pharmacies pay for these tests, but others do not. You will have to cover the cost of this after a period of on the job training. 

When you complete the pharmacy technician test, you will be certified to be a pharmacy technician. Criminal activity, drug use, and other red flags will invalidate you from being certified as a pharmacy technician. 

The test costs over $100 and is timed. Failing the test means that you have wasted your money and will have to try again. If you don’t pass the test, you will not be able to work as a pharmacy technician. If you have already been hired for the position, you will lose your job. 

This is one aspect in which the requirements can be a bit deceptive. Unlike a lot of medical fields, the lack of a unified training doctrine means that it can be both easier and harder to get a pharmacy technician job.  

The Role of Education

While you don’t have to receive any additional schooling for this process, it helps if you do. Having a certification and training will make it much more likely that a pharmacy will hire you. Most people who apply to become pharmacy technicians don’t have any schooling. 

Setting yourself ahead of the pack of applicants wanting to become pharmacy technicians is a good idea. Any field where there is a high demand means that you need to excel to be noticed. Receiving training means that the pharmacy you work for will have to invest less training in you. 

This helps your potential employer save time and money and gets you to work faster. Once you are certified, you can get a job anywhere pharmacy technicians work. This is why pharmacy technician course are offered for those who want to get a leg up on the competition. 

Pharmacy technicians by state are increasing. More states now require that you have a certification than ever before. You can expect as the number of pharmacy technicians increases every year, the competition for these positions will be significant. 

Pharmacy Technician Pay

Pharmacy techs have a very wide pay scale. As with many career fields, the largest employers don’t always pay the best. Employers like Wal-Mart, however, start you off at $14 an hour. This is the base starting pay, and in each of these cases, you can expect your rate to go up every year. 

Benefits of Becoming a Pharmacy Technician 

You will be on the front lines of the medical field, helping patients directly. This can be very rewarding, and you should always remember that being a pharmacy technician is a career. You will make a living wage and work around other professional people. 

Many places that hire pharmacy technicians offer excellent benefits. These benefits often include paid vacation, sick leave, health insurance, and other perks. You may even get a discount on medication because you work at a pharmacy or hospital. 

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician Will Change Your Life

Take the next step in your path to becoming successful. Having a stable, dependable job in a field that shows consistent job growth means that you won’t have to switch jobs every few years. Your employment will be stable and secure, and you can bet that in ten years, you can still be doing the same thing if you want to. 

This type of consistency is what makes the pharmacy technician requirements seem low. Not many jobs that require a four-year degree offer the stable perks that becoming a part of the healthcare industry does. 

As the population ages, the demand for pharmacy technicians will continue to increase. Taking the time to become certified now will get you in the door faster. You will make more money and have better opportunities than you have ever had before.

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