What Are the Best Affordable Outdoor Wedding Venues in SLC?

Best Affordable Outdoor Wedding Venues In SLC

Salt Lake City or SLC is one of the most desired locations for the couples who are looking for an outdoor wedding venue. The place is known for natural beauty and fun things to keep your guests engaged. It’s important to mention that here an outdoor wedding can come at a higher cost, but when you are through with the wedding you will know why and that it is surely worth it.

One of the key factors that people look for while choosing best outdoor wedding venues in SLC is the weather of the place. It must be comfortable and should not leave you exhausted besides if the place offers you some additional benefits like a beautiful landscape, awe-striking views, and something which even your guests can enjoy then it’s an added advantage. SLC or Salt Lake City is one such place which is going to bestow some of the most scenic vistas which are going to make your wedding even more exciting. If you want to conduct your wedding at an outdoor place, then you can choose some best outdoor wedding destinations in SLC. 

An outdoor wedding is one of the dreams of most couples, so if you are in Salt Lake City, then you should try for these best outdoor wedding venues:

  1. La Caille – This place is the award-winning venue for an outdoor wedding. Blessed with an awe-striking view and nestled in a beautiful location, you can plan your dream wedding here. The place is laced with a green garden and three-acre vineyard, which will create a picturesque view where you can experiment with your wedding theme. The place can easily accommodate around 1000 guests. You can plan both indoor and outdoor wedding at this versatile venue. 
  2. Snowbasin Resort – If you are looking for a mountain wedding destination, then this is the right place for you. Irrespective of the season, this place offers eclectic weather where you can plan your dream wedding. The place can accommodate up to 350 guests.
  3. Snowbird Resort – If you are looking for a place which can make your wedding day even more special, then you can exchange vows in the blissful Snowbird skiing resort. The place boasts of natural beauty and enthralling views, which will add charm to your wedding. The place can easily accommodate 500 guests and offers exceptional culinary spread. 
  4. Silver Fork Lodge – Are you planning for a vintage or rustic wedding theme, then you can opt for Silver Fork Lodge. It can easily accommodate 250 guests. It offers a serene forest location, which will help you create a picture-perfect wedding.
  5. Stonebridge Golf Club – This rustic place is surrounded by Rockbridge, which makes it look beautiful. This place can easily accommodate 500 guests and you can plan your dream wedding at this place. Price starts at $1640 for 50 guests.

There are many best outdoor wedding venues in SLC like Orangerie-Red Butte Garden, The Bridge Cafe & Grill, Cottonwood Country Club, Barbwire and Lace etc.

Best Outdoor Wedding Venue in SLC Prices:

Pricing of wedding venue can be a deciding factor. Since outdoor weddings have become very popular, people are now exploring different locations and South Lake City is a popular choice. The summer season is the peak wedding season when you can enjoy the best of nature. If you are planning a wedding in this part of the city, then you would need to spend approximately $95 per person. There is an additional sales tax of 4.70%. The wedding budget range between $5,300 to $7,100 on wedding venues alone. The sales tax may vary. 

The above-mentioned top wedding venues in Salt Lake City are blessed with the best of nature, which makes them one of the most sought after best outdoor wedding venues in SLC. Make sure that you personally visit all of them before finalizing your wedding venue in SLC for a dream wedding.