What Does a Pediatric Audiologist Do?

What Does a Pediatric Audiologist Do? hearing disorders heart-attack
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What Does a Pediatric Audiologist Do? | During a single year in the US, 5,000 to 18,000 babies are born with hearing loss. If your child has experienced hearing loss or damaged hearing, you’re aware of the serious effects it has on their life. It’s important to take precautions now to protect your child’s ears before it’s too late.

Schedule a visit with a pediatric audiologist. These professionals will assess any damage to your child’s hearing and offer helpful tips in preserving their ears.

Are you unsure about what a pediatric audiologist does? Don’t worry because we’ve provided a quick guide below.

Who Are They?

An audiologist is someone who assesses hearing disorders and helps individuals manage their hearing. Pediatric audiologists work specifically with children. They’re well-trained doctors you can trust with your child.

Specific testing examples found at an audiologist’s office include tests for syndromic genetic hearing loss, noise-induced hearing loss, auditory processing disorders, and vertigo. Make sure to schedule an appointment with a pediatric audiologist today if you’re concerned about your child’s hearing.

What Makes a Pediatric Audiologist Special?

Anyone working in a pediatric clinic or pediatric urgent care is a special type of superhero. They work well with kids and make sure their young patients feel comfortable in their care.

Pediatric audiologists must know how to encourage children to cooperate with the testing, and they know how to explain concepts at levels a young child understands. It’s important to find an audiologist who develops a strong bond with your child if you’ll be regularly visiting their office.

To find a trusted pediatric audiologist in your area, start by searching ‘pediatric audiologist near me’ on your search engine. Check out the list of provided doctors, and carefully read their reviews.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Are you unsure if your child has hearing loss or damage? There are key symptoms to look out for.

Look to see if they respond to sudden sounds or voices in their environment. Do they turn their head towards you when you speak? Are they reacting to the music you’re playing?

If they’re watching television, listen to how loudly they turn up the speakers. Make an appointment if you notice they’re unable to watch TV without setting it at a high volume.

Schedule an appointment with an audiologist if your child is often complaining about ear pain, ringing, or muffled noises. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Protect Your Child’s Hearing With the Help of a Pediatric Audiologist

Tending to your child’s health is imperative. Schedule an appointment with a pediatric audiologist today to assess any potential hearing loss or damage. It makes all the difference.

A pediatric audiologist is a doctor who works specifically with children to assess, diagnose, and manage hearing disorders. They develop close bonds with children to ensure comfort at the office.

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