What is a Roof Rack?


Anna Wrench, WED |  Since years, a roof rack has been used to carry huge and hefty loads. There have been many changes in their design throughout the time of their history. A roof rack allows the vehicle owner to carry items on the roof of a car or any other similar compatible vehicle, without taking up interior space that is for occupants. It also enables the user to overcome the boot space volume limits. The purpose of a roof rack is to carry heavy items such as canoes, skis, kayak, bicycles or various other types of bulky carriers.

History of Roof Racks

Gutters or drains are structured by fitting a welded flange, that is a raised rim or lip, on the left and right sides of the metal roof panel of the car or another similar vehicle.  When the trend declined, there was a need for newer methods of racks being developed.

Aftermarket roof racks began in the 1960s in Europe, followed by multiple companies worldwide in the 1970s and 80s. Therefore, manufacturers started developing newer methods of fitting the roof racks to the car’s ceiling securely.

Types of Roof Racks

A roof racks system is built of various parts. There are varieties of roof racks available in the market; lets understand each in detailed:

  • Rain Gutter: These are the oldest type of roof racks which were attached directly to rain gutter.
  • Side Rails: These types of racks are factory installed which can move in both directions even while fitted on the roof.
  • Fixed Point: These are fixed type of racks installed by the automobile manufacturer only.

Things to Consider while installing Roof Rack

There are a few things to be considered before attaching a roof rack on your car:

  • While travelling on highways, a roof rack can create sound due to wind resistance.
  • When installing roof racks, follow the instructions in order to properly fix the bars of the roof rack to keep them safely attached.
  • While driving, is it needed to keep the items on the car while keeping in mind the weight of rack too.

Keep these above-mentioned points in your mind while buying a new roof rack.

Roof rack can be easily installed at home:

If you want to fix roof rack at your own the don’t worry. It can be easily done while using simple tools. You need to first select the type of roof rack depending on your requirement and car size. For installation purpose, you need to have a foot pack, fit kit and crossbars.

You need to pop off plastic covers by using simple hand tools, post which threaded holes will be used for installation. The roof rack can also be installed on your two-wheeler like the bike, while following the same process. But bike rack is different from a four-wheeler and a lock can be used to keep items safe.

If you are not comfortable installing it your own, then you can take services of a roof rack installer. There are various mechanics available in the market who will install the rack easily.

These racks are easily available in the market or online stores; you can buy as per your convenience. By installing roof racks on your vehicle, you can create additional space while travelling with entire family or friends. Luggage and other essential items can be easily kept in the roof rack so that sufficient sitting space is be available for the people sitting in the car. These roof racks are used for private and commercial vehicles.