What is the Best Type of Windows for Patios? Popular Styles Compared

Best Type of Windows for Patios

WorldExecutivesDigest.com | What is the Best Type of Windows for Patios? Popular Styles Compared | When considering new windows or choosing windows for a new home or addition, it’s important to keep in mind that inefficient or leaky windows could account for 25% of your energy bill.

What are the types of windows that afford you the best protection from rising energy costs? What is most important to you as you look at your choices?

Looking for the best type of windows for your patio? Keep reading as we review popular styles and window types and choices for every budget.

What are the Best Type of Windows?

Are you familiar with the names of window types? If not, you should know what types of windows work in different parts of the home. When you’re considering expanding your living space with an enclosed patio, the right windows make it more comfortable and appealing.

  1. Vertical Porch Windows

Make a wall of windows with vertical porch windows. They open up or down to offer up to 75% ventilation to let the fresh air in the indoor/outdoor extension of your home.

The windows keep your space cleaner than screens alone.

  1. Eze-Breeze® Windows

These windows come in panels which you can raise up one section at a time depending on how much air you want flowing through your room. Open them a quarter of the way for some fresh air or lift them all the way up to feel like you’re sitting outdoors.

You can also get them tinted to minimize the effects of the sun on your furniture and to keep your energy costs down.

  1. Transoms

Transom windows sit above doors or windows to offer a cross breeze when opened without giving up security or privacy. They let light in as well when you might otherwise have your blinds closed beneath.

Transoms add a very attractive architectural element to the plain windows or doors.

  1. Polygon Windows

Do you want to give your porch or three-season room an unusual shape? Polygon windows might be just the thing you need. You can get them in varying shapes to fit in the unique architecture of the space.

Use them to create a uniquely shaped wall of windows for an amazing lake or mountain view or a view of your backyard.

  1. In-Line Sliding Doors

Use these windows/doors to bring the outside in. Slide them horizontally when the weather is nice and open up the room. When they’re closed, you still have a whole wall of glass with light shining in.

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Window Tips

Now that you know the best type of windows for your patio, you can choose the one that works for your home. Do you need privacy? Do you need security? Are you mainly concerned with aesthetics? Whatever it is, you are now armed with the information you need going forward.

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