What is the Significance of SEO in a Business?

significance of SEO

The significance of SEO or Search Engine Optimization could be understood through this context:

When you want to know more about a local clothing line, the first thing that you’ll be doing is search on Google. You’ll scroll down the results page, and may probably click a few links on the first or second page page only. The keywords on the description or link that best fit your search are the ones that you click on.

In this case, search engine optimization was utilized well by the websites on the first results page. The website has undergone processes which made it appear on top. The website’s content may be the most relevant and most useful. Also, the website uses the right keywords. Search engines rank websites or pages based on the number and quality of links, on how interesting or authoritative are those. Search engine optimization could be done with the help of content marketing and social media strategies.

The significance of SEO is simple: you gain more traffic and views when you do it effectively. When the keywords that a potential customer is trying to search continually appear inside your page or website, then it could appear on top of the results. Search results that appear on the first page would appear credible. Some people do not look into the hundredth result anymore, so it is important to put your website on the top 10, at the least.

Another significance of SEO is getting increased and targeted traffic. Your website could get more visitors who look for the certain service or product that you offer, which are also your keywords.

As more and more brands go digital, it is important to set your online presence the good way. Millions of people use internet today. You’ll be needing to stand out from all of the millions of websites and pages available all over the web.


Source: Rox Sarthou (CEO & Lead Strategist), Social Media Butterfly