What it Takes To Get to Your Confirmation Day

What it Takes To Get to Your Confirmation Day bible-verse

What it Takes To Get to Your Confirmation Day | When you are raised in the church, you learn the importance of the sacraments, particularly confirmation. Confirmation is like your declaration of adulthood within the church. Once you are confirmed, you can participate more fully in the mass and the overall church operations. You can hold volunteer positions within the church, like being a lector or a eucharistic minister; you move to the VIP sections. Going through the sacrament of confirmation is part of the natural progression within the church. While the church in North America is arguably different than the church throughout the world, the process of getting to confirmation day is the same.

Take classes.

The confirmation process starts with taking classes. Just like joining the ranks of gamers, you don’t just buy yourself an Overwatch chair, start playing, and suddenly you’re considered one of the overwatch league professionals. That isn’t how it works, you have to practice playing Overwatch for days, weeks, and even years to be considered for one of the professional leagues. Not that going through confirmation makes you a professional, but once you are an adult in the church, you are expected to know and understand church history, doctrine, and the foundations of belief. That means taking classes to study scripture, church doctrine, and church history. The more you study the scripture, the more you will understand the life of Christ and the foundations of your faith.

Test your knowledge.

Again, if you want to compete with professional gamers, you need to prove your skill and knowledge in Overwatch by demonstrating it to others. While getting your confirmation certificate is not a competition, you will have to prove you’ve done the work and learned the material. You will need to demonstrate you are prepared for what comes next. Getting a pre-confirmation certification of compliance demonstrates that you are taking the appropriate steps, and you are on your way to getting your official confirmation certificate.

Invest in the right equipment.

Professional gamers have high-quality gaming chairs, dreamseat products, and game decals for a world-class sitting experience because they know they will be spending long hours in their chair. As an adult participant in the church, you will be spending long hours working and studying within your faith. It is important to have a high-quality bible that will remain durable while being opened and closed thousands of times. What other resources might you need as you study church doctrine? It would help if you had something that acts as a daily reminder to pay homage and walk in the light. For many, this is a cross or other special piece of jewelry that they can wear as a testament to others and a visual reminder to them.

Complete your checklist.

Several requirements need to be completed before confirmation. These requirements include finishing the classes, being tested, going to confession, choosing a sponsor, choosing a saint name, going on a retreat, and meeting with the priest. You don’t want to be denied confirmation because you missed a step, so complete your checklist and double-check it well in advance, so you have time if you did miss something.



Getting confirmed is a huge step and one that should be celebrated. Invite close friends and family to your confirmation ceremony, and have time together afterward. It can be a small luncheon at a local restaurant or a big party at a hall or family home. Planning a celebration shows your joy in completing your confirmation while allowing your loved ones to celebrate with you. Family members will likely want to get your gifts, so this is a good time to ask for the bible you want or a piece of spiritual jewelry that you like if those things are out of your budget.