What Makes the Gold’s Gym of Mysore the Best Gym of Mysore?

Gold’s Gym
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When it comes to choosing the gym, the most of us become confused due to the number of available options to choose from, right? And, it’s even more crucial when you are searching for a gym for specific fitness goals, no matter wherever you are based in.

I too went through the same thing when I first moved to Mysore and seeking for a place to get started with my daily workout routine. Luckily, I came to know about the Gold’s Gym of Mysore from one of my colleagues after a few trials from different gyms nearby.

However, in this particular post, I’m going to share why I settled with the Gold’s Gym finally and what makes the Gold’s Gym of Mysore the Best Gym of Mysore. So, let’s get started without delay!

Why Gold’s Gym of Mysore the Best Gym of Mysore?

Well, before I go to the core of the post, let me clarify that these are entirely my personal opinions and preferences. And, I’m not affiliated with them in any way. I thought it’d be helpful for you guys if you too have been looking for fitness clubs in Mysore. Anyway, here are my reasons to believe the Gold’s Gym of Mysore to be the Best Gym in the locality.

First of all, starting back in the year 2002 in Mumbai, India, the name “Gold’s Gym” has become a trustworthy brand in the fitness industry, I believe. Till date, the are operating 120 gyms in India with another handful under construction. So, it’s crystal clear that they are providing value to the fitness enthusiasts, right? Being called the Mecca of bodybuilding, I however was hesitant on the first day since I am not a bodybuilder and do not intend to be one either.

However, I was surprised to see the number of activities they have running in the gym besides their state- of – art lifting floor. I participated in ther ‘bolt challenge’ which was running the maximum distance you can in a month. Participants would update their daily KM’s on the notice board and we all compared our distances everyday. This gave me motivation to run everyday! They also had outdoor runs organized every weekend guided by one of their trainers.

Secondly, Gold’s Gym Mysore has flexible timings for both, heavyweight athletes who spend hours and hit the gym like crazy and ordinary fitness enthusiasts like you, me, and so many out there. They are open from 6am to 10pm and afternoons are pretty empty so you never will have to wait for a machine. So, keeping pace with your workloads and staying in good health at the same time wouldn’t be a big deal as long as you are dedicated.

Thirdly, Gold’s Gym Mysore is absolutely affordable if you compare their fees structure to the services they are offering. I used to pay 36,000 for a 3000 sq ft cross fit box annually in Mumbai and the entire gym membership including cross fit is much cheaper than that here! I was stunned. Besides, they offer occasional discounts and promos that you can avail and save your fitness expenses to an extent for sure.

The next thing that pops up in the list is the experience and professionalism of the trainers. Some of the best personal trainers in the city work with them. Their physic is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have taken personal training with a junior category trainer and love his style of training. He combines kick boxing with HIIT on my training days and guides me with a cardio and core routine on my off days. I have learnt more from him in just 3 months than I did with anyone else before.  

There is a very positive vibe to Gold’s Gym Mysore and I highly suggest you to visit here. The staff is very polite and would be glad to give you a day’s pass at minimal cost if you need to experience the facility first hand before committing to a longer membership period.