What Millennials Look For in a Home

What Millennials Look For in a Home Connect Your Home 2

What Millennials Look For in a Home | Millennials are characterized by the pursuit of their life goals and otherworldly leisures. Some aim to travel the world, while others gradually build on their hobbies and collections. Some choose the investment path and put their hard-earned money into stocks, bonds, and real estate. With the last one a valuable asset that increases over time, many millennials choose to put a part of their life savings into buying a home.

You might think that millennials may prefer the condo lifestyle due to its convenience and sophistication. However, Lamudi data reveals that since 2020, Filipino millennials have leaned towards buying houses as one way of coping with the pandemic. In the same way, an article by Quicken Loans mentioned that American millennials made up the largest demographic of homebuyers, according to the 2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report.

And with these five home features that millennials look for, they may prepare themselves for future health crises while living their best life in their dream sanctuary:

Proximity To Commercial Hubs

In any home search, location is the most crucial factor. With commercial developments emerging left and right, even fringe locations like Tanza, Cavite become residential hotspots. Plus, these locations give privacy and fresh air to future residents while being within arms’ reach to prime establishments such as malls, schools, restaurants, hospitals, government offices, and multinational corporations. Along with these developments are public transportation hubs that conveniently transport yuppies to premier investment and lifestyle hubs.

Outdoor Spaces

In general, the interest in houses and lots skyrocketed due to homebuyers’ need for open spaces without compromising safety and social distancing. Besides security and health, outdoor spaces allow millennials to engage in activities right at the comforts of their home. 

For instance, gardens and expansive yards will help green thumbs fulfill their gardening ventures. Like what Phirst Park Homes offers their residents, outdoor amenities let homeowners enjoy leisure activities such as swimming, jogging, strolling, meditating, and sports within the vicinity of the village. In the Philippines, outdoor spaces allow millennials to enjoy the live-work-play lifestyle while staying safe and healthy.

Sustainability Features

Many millennials advocate for saving the environment and opting for reusable items and renewable sources of energy. In turn, developers added sustainability features such as solar panels, cool roofs, expansive windows, and patches of green land. These features maximize nature’s power by generating heat, light, and energy to power the house. Wide windows and landscaped yards are perfect for bringing fresh air and refreshing sights to rest from all the concrete and working from home. 

A Modern Kitchen

Since home-buying entails responsibility and maturity, some millennials prefer a home with a modern, well-crafted kitchen. Cooking has become a popular hobby not just in Asian countries like the Philippines, but also in the United States even before the pandemic hit. And with savory smells filling the house, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a hearty meal while appreciating the safety and comfort of your own home?

Multipurpose Areas

With most activities shifted to the home, multipurpose spaces are crucial for some millennials to stay productive and happy. For instance, a home office can be converted into a gaming hub during the weekends. Living rooms may have designated spots for working out and meditation. Creative minds may convert a part of their bedroom into an art studio or crafting station. Having versatile spaces means you can fulfill your work tasks, wellness goals, and pastimes.

Homebuying may not be an easy feat. But as times change the way millennials choose their dream home, they must live in a safe and comfortable place that allows free movement and leisure. Consider looking for these five features when conducting your home search.