What should you do if an Employee is Injured?

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WorldExecutivesDigest | What should you do if an Employee is Injured? | Be it a small organization or a large one, employees are the backbone. Without satisfying the employees you can not take your organization to great heights. The employer is liable if an employee gets injured at your workplace. If you are injured at your workplace and you need help to claim the compensation you can get legal help from an employment lawyer. If the employer denies their duty to compensate the victim, you can file a lawsuit with the help of a lawyer.

Inform the Insurance Company

As soon as an employee is injured, ensure to take them to a medical facility. After you are done with all the medical formalities, inform the workers’ compensation insurance company. It is not only your responsibility as an employer but you abide by the law to do so. 

Inform the Labor Authority and Police

As soon as you are done informing the insurance company, inform the local labor commission to ensure that your employees are abiding by the regulations and working in synchronization. 

Also, file a police report about the accident, it will help you explain your side of the story and that you are a responsible employer when the insurance team comes for an inspection.

Submit the Required Documents

After you are done with informing the insurance company, ensure that you submit all the required documents like the medical records, claim forms, compensation records, etc. If your employee is hurt at the workplace, you must pay them compensation for their treatment, paid leave, and allowance to cover their inability to work. 

Hep the Insurance Team that has Come for Inspection

Do not hide any relevant information from the assigned professional who will come for an inspection. You need to state clearly that you have done your job as an employer. The assigned team will inspect the injured person, police records, witness, accident spot, and the documents that you have submitted.


A case of workplace injury can get very complicated if not handled tactfully. If you have dealt with such an issue you will know how to handle it. But if it is the first time you are facing a workplace injury, it is suggested that you contact an experienced workplace injury lawyer. They will assist you and guide you on how to handle the situation. Further, they will take care of any lawsuit filed by the employee