What to Pack (And Not to Pack) for a 7-Day Cruise


World Executive Digest | What to Pack (And Not to Pack) for a 7-Day Cruise | A whopping 26 million people go on cruises each and every year. And you can’t blame them! After all, few vacations can compete with the luxury of a cruise liner.

You’re ferried from one beautiful destination to another, getting wined and dined every step of the way. However, there’s one part of the experience that isn’t quite so straightforward:

Deciding what to pack!

With so much to do both on and off the boat, it’s difficult to know exactly what you need. But it’s even harder to know what to pack for a 7 day cruise. With limited time on-board and endless outfits to think about, figuring out the essentials can be a challenge.

Know the struggle and want some help getting ready? You’re in the right place! Keep reading to learn exactly what to pack for a cruise.

Casual Wear

The first thing to pack in your suitcase is the day to day clothing you plan on wearing. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy! The casual wear that you’d usually pack for a vacation will do.

With enough t-shirts to last the week, shorts, long pants, skirts, blouses, sweatshirts, and underwear, you should be sorted. Packing with the weather in mind is always sensible though. Check the forecast beforehand to ensure you have weather-appropriate clothing in your suitcase.

Swimwear and Footwear

You’re spending days at sea, with a pool onboard the boat, and making frequent stops at beautiful bays. The result? If you like to swim, then you can expect to spend a fair amount of time in the water throughout the cruise!

Taking your designer swimsuit will be essential.

You’ll be wanting some footwear in your suitcase too. Alas, the trickier part is knowing which type of footwear you’ll need. The answer to that quandary depends on your plans and interests…

Indeed, hiking shoes, sandals, dress shoes, high heels, and trainers could all come in handy at one point or another. If you’ve got enough space in your bag, then consider taking the lot! That way, you know you’ll be covered for every eventuality.

Formal Evening Wear

Cruises have changed a considerable amount over the years. They were once resolute in their formality, with dinner jackets and ball gowns the order of the day.

As we’ve seen, they tend to have a more casual feel these days! Yet most cruises still have designated formal evenings and all of them have high-quality restaurants on-board. The result?

Try taking some smarter outfits as well. After a day spent lazing around in your swimsuit, it’ll make a pleasant change to get dressed up each evening. Shirts, suits, dresses, skirts or gowns, bring along whatever it is you usually sport on a fancy night out.

Themed Wear

Having a selection of formal wear is all well and good. But many cruise liners lay on themed events throughout the experience too. Whether it’s a ‘wild-west’, ‘pirates’, or ‘Hollywood’ theme, there’s sure to be some sort of fancy dress night to enjoy throughout the week.

Take a look at the cruise schedule to see which themed events they’re running. If you want to get involved, then be sure to buy and pack the right clothes for the task. It’ll save the disappointment of finding out at the last minute and having nothing to wear!


Expect to be spoiled for choice when it comes to keeping busy on the cruise liner. With swimming pools and spas to cinemas and bars, there’ll be no shortage of fun things to do.

Nevertheless, you may still benefit from having some extra entertainment to hand- especially when you’re on land and away from the ship. You could download some movies onto your laptop to watch later, take the book you’ve been meaning to read, and so on. Remember, the more you have to do, the less chance there is of getting bored onboard the boat!

Of course, you’ll want your mobile phone as well and could even consider bringing a camera along (unless you’re using a smartphone for the job). You’ll be able to keep in touch with loved ones and take endless holiday snaps at the same time.

Basic Ablutions

Whether you’re cruising for 7 days or 7 months, you’ll want to take your toiletries!

There’s nothing special to think about here. Simply pack everything that you usually use to do your ablutions. From your toothbrush and toothpaste to your deodorant and moisturizer, it’ll all help you freshen up on board the boat.

Essential Documents

Last but not least, remember to pack your key documentation.

Now, the exact documents you need may vary depending on your destination(s) and the cruise company. Be sure to check the company’s policy beforehand so you know exactly what official documents they require. More often than not, though, you’ll need a form of identification (take your passport if possible), your boarding pass, and confirmation of your reservation.

Oh, and definitely don’t forget to take your credit/debit card or cash (however you roll)! You could also think about taking a travel money belt in which to stow it all away. It’d help you keep your cash safe and sound when you’re off the ship and exploring each destination.

Exactly What to Pack for a 7 Day Cruise

Are you getting ready to go on a 7 day cruise somewhere?

Well, you’re making us very jealous. After all, a party cruise in Tulum offers a vacation experience like none other. They’re luxurious, relaxing, and wonderfully extravagant from the moment you get on board.

The only downside is that it’s impossible to know what to pack! With so many varied activities to do each day, there’s almost no limit to the number of outfits you might need. Know the struggle?

Hopefully, the packing suggestions in this post will help. Keep them in mind and deciding what to pack for a 7 day cruise should become far easier. Search ‘vacation’ on the website now if you’d like to read more articles like this one.