What You Should Do Before Calling a Towing Service Company

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World Executives Digest | What You Should Do Before Calling a Towing Service Company | When your car breaks down, or you get into an accident, it is vital to know what you have to do before calling a towing company. This means that you have to prepare some things before the arrival of the tow truck.

What to do before calling a tow truck

You need to have a record of the accident and produce evidence for your insurance company. Thus, it is essential to document the incident. Here are the things you should do:

Take a picture of the car’s damage 

When you are involved in a car accident, you have to inform your car insurance company immediately. The insurer will send someone to take pictures of the car. Since you are already at the scene, it is better to take some pictures as well. Take as many pictures as possible from every angle. This will show the full extent of the car’s damage. 

The pictures you take will help you check if the car suffered additional damage while the tow truck service extricates and delivers your car to your preferred car smash repairs shop. You can file a complaint with the towing company when necessary.

Get in touch with your insurance company

Before calling a towing company, you should call your insurance company first. You have to make sure if your car insurance will cover the cost of extricating and towing the car. If this is not included, it means that the cost of towing will be an out-of-pocket expense for you.

Get a cost estimate from a towing company

If the cost of towing is not included in your car insurance plan, you have to ask a towing company to give you a cost estimate before requesting them to send a tow truck. Inquire about their pricing scheme. There are towing companies that charge flat rates depending on the type of vehicle you have. Others charge by the distance and type of vehicle. Avoid surprises by asking all the right questions before committing.

Inquire about the towing method 

Most of the towing companies today offer several types of towing services, but the most popular are the flatbed and the hook and chain. The safest method is a flatbed method where the car is hoisted and placed on the flatbed on the back of the tow truck. Your car is not likely to get additional damage while in transit. If possible, always choose this option. If the accident occurs around Boca Raton, get assistance from a towing Boca Raton company to safely get your car out of the accident area.

With the hook and chain method, the front end of your car is lifted off the ground and pulled by the tow truck. This method applies only to small, lightweight vehicles.  

Once you have settled everything, see to it that you keep all the receipts so you can claim reimbursement from your insurance company. It is a good idea to make copies of the receipts for your records, as the car insurance company will require you to submit the original copies of the receipts.