When Is It Time to Contact an Emergency Plumber?

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Joel Borthwick, WED |  Emergency situations may arise anytime in our domestic life, and one such situation where you stumble upon is the plumbing problem during the odd hours of the night. Fortunately, there is a possible way to deal with such kind of issues. Well, here we are talking about the availability of emergency plumber.

There could be a number of situations when you might have to call a plumber. Plumbing issues can range from the minor to the massive ones. You should have the technical know how to manage the situation.

When Do You need to Contact an Emergency Plumber?

It is very important to keep a regular check of your drainage and sewage system to stop the sudden plumbing problems to rise. To avoid water issues at home, one needs to keep the drainage pipe in the bathroom clean and devoid of hairs or any solid material that might get stuck in the pipe.

Despite being careful, it is still possible to face plumbing issues at any point in time. If you feel that any kind of plumbing problem is on the verge of arising, you should immediately reach out to any of the emergency plumbers. Given below are a few situations which may compel you to call a plumber:

  • During winters, geysers are a must. With the help of geysers or immersion rods, you get the benefit of warm water. Your bath and wash your clothes with the warm water during winters. Now it will be very problematic if your geyser stops working suddenly. In such a situation, immediately call your plumber. Your plumber should be able to go out of the way and work apart from his allotted working hours. Never try to do this on your own and always call for a plumber.
  • In houses where there is more than one bathroom, the issue of water clogging becomes more common. This kind of a situation demands a plumber to resolve the issue as it might lead to flooding of the bathroom. In this context, it is not always wise to use chemicals for fixing the issue on your own. Moreover, if this problem is happening on a frequent basis then it is high time for you to call a plumber and get the problem fixed. Even a single, yet the minor point of leakage in your bathroom can result into flooding, which in turn might lead to property damage. In few cases, you might come across small leakages which you can handle by yourself; either by placing a bucket underneath or putting a tape across the area of leakage. But in a case like where pipes are cracked, it might lead to a very serious situation where you have to stop the entire incoming water source to your house. Your plumber will be the best one to handle such situations with ease.
  • When a water pipe gets damaged, the water starts flowing out in huge amount. In such situations, it is necessary to stop the main source through which the water is flowing in. Switch off all the adjoining pipes as well. Now call for a local emergency plumber who would come and fix the situation. It is important for every house owner to know about the basic safety precautions; for example- how to operate the valves in case of emergency.
  • During the winter season, we often see that the water pipes freeze up, which might develop cracks in the pipe. Call an emergency-based plumber for help in such situations. 
  • When a sewage system disrupts, this type of situation results in water clogging and release of foul odor, which in turn might lead to various health hazards. In such cases, you should immediately call an emergency plumber.

So, keep the above-mentioned points in mind and keep the contact numbers of a couple of emergency plumbers saved in your phone’s contact list.