When No Trail Is Left Behind: 8 Things to Keep in Mind About Hit and Run Cases

Hit and Run Cases
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Having a car accident or being hit by a car is bad enough. But, when the driver takes off without stopping to give assistance or to exchange information it is even worse. How do you get compensation for the damage to your vehicle or the injuries you have sustained? Most vehicle insurance companies have provisions for non-insured drivers or hit-and-run accidents. But, getting adequate compensation might prove to be difficult. This type of accidents requires the services of an attorney for best results.

Hit-and-Run Accidents

People think of car accidents as two or more cars colliding in bad weather or other circumstances such as bad judgement, mistakes, or failure to yield ride of way. But, what if a car slams into you and then speeds away? What if you are walking along a road or crossing a street and a car hits you and takes off without lending assistance?

This is an awful situation because there are often serious injuries and damage to a vehicle, but the person to blame has disappeared. What can the injured party do to get compensation for their injuries and damaged vehicle? Get the best personal injury lawyer new york has to offer. The best law firms have the staff needed to track down and interview witnesses and attempt to find the guilty party.

If the police and the insurance investigators cannot find the hit-and-run driver there is still hope. The law firm can work with your insurance company to get you uninsured motorist accident coverage. Without a law firm, the insurance company may not give the injured person adequate compensation.

New York Insurance Laws

The state of New York follows a no-fault insurance system. So, when an accident happens, you go to your insurance company for compensation and they collect from the other driver’s insurance company. But, this type of policy can limit what the inured party can collect in compensation. Lawyers can work with the special rules of this system for you.

8 Things to Remember With Hit-and-Run Cases

Hit and run accidents require more investigation and steps to get justice and adequate compensation. Here are 8 facts about hit-and-run accidents. It is important to take the right steps.

  1. It is illegal in every state to leave the scene of an accident. This is a crime.
    2. Write down the date, time, and location of the accident along with a description of what happened. Take lots of photos of the damage or injuries, the scene, and the other car if possible.
    3. If possible, get the make, model, and license plate of the vehicle. This includes the colour and markings on the car. Take a photo if possible.
    4. Get the insurance information from all the drivers involved. Use your phone to photograph insurance cards and driver’s licenses. Also, ask for current addresses as people might have recently moved.
    5. Write down everything that happened before, during, and immediately after the accident. Write down everything possible about the other driver and vehicle.
    6. Get contact information from all witnesses to the accident. These people might have seen something that can lead to the apprehension of the hit-and-run driver.
    7. Call the police and file an accident report on the scene or, if they don’t come, at the police station.
    8. Contact your insurance company and a good accident law firm as soon as possible.

Getting as much information as possible and recoding it can help your case with the insurance company.