Which one is better: Crystal or Glass Wine Decanter?

Which one is better: Crystal or Glass Wine Decanter?
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WorldExecutivesDigest | Which one is better: Crystal or Glass Wine Decanter? | The crystal vs. glass wine decanter debate has been going on for as long as wine decanters have existed, and there’s no end in sight any time soon. In fact, the most popular brands of crystal and glass wine decanters are still vying to win your business. But which one’s better? Each has its pros and cons, but ultimately it boils down to what your personal preferences are as well as how much you value aesthetics over function when it comes to wine decanters.


Glass decanters have great transparency, so you can check out your wine without taking a taste. They’re also easy to store, don’t break easily and are ideal for those who like to make sure their stemware matches their dinnerware. Plus, glass wine decanters make your wine look fancier.


You can see through a glass wine decanter; thus, you have an unobstructed view of your wine. However, crystal is a clear as well as highly durable material that gives a pleasing look to your decanted wine. But if you’re into crystal and can’t find any suitable glass decanters, there are more options available on Amazon, and Le Chateau even offers a half-crystal, half-glass model.


First, it’s important to know that when you decant wine with either a crystal decanter or glass wine decanter, you don’t actually add oxygen to your wine. Instead, you remove some of its existing sulfites. This process can reduce some unpleasant tannins and soften harsh flavor notes.


Le Chateau wine decanters are made out of lead-free crystal, which means they’re visually stunning. You can bring your glass or crystal Le Chateau wine decanter to formal dinner parties and display it prominently at table. There’s something about wine in a clear, glass vessel that makes you want to drink more than usual. The good news about Le Chateau wine decanters is that these are also fully functional!

Drip catchers

Generally speaking, most people agree that crystal decanters are a better choice than glass ones. However, crystal doesn’t necessarily mean better. The quality of the crystal matters, so you don’t want to go cheap on one of these (especially when they can easily cost you $100+). We recommend Le Chateau as one of our favorite brands. And because Le Chateau is French made, expect it to last longer than many of its competitors.

Ease of Use

The Le Chateau wine decanter is easy to use, even for a novice. Just place in on a level surface, pour wine through it and let it sit for at least an hour to allow sediment to settle. You can store your wine in an upright position by placing it in a wine rack with ample space between each bottle for optimal air flow.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The maintenance of your crystal wine decanter will depend on how much you use it and how careful you are with it. After each use, wash your crystal wine decanter carefully using a mild detergent or soap and water to remove any dirt or oils that may have accumulated during use. If necessary, soak your crystal wine decanter in warm water for 10 minutes before washing to loosen any more stubborn grime stuck in the wine decanter’s crevices.

Photo by cottonbro: https://www.pexels.com/photo/