Why Are Custom Engraved Nameplates Popular?

Custom Engraved Nameplates

The popularity of nameplates lies in their utility. They are primarily meant to provide information and are also used for commercial purposes. For instance, offices use nameplates for the identification of employees whereas retail outlets use nameplates for the identification of brands and products. Custom engraved nameplates are required for homes, offices, retail outlets, schools, colleges, hotels, hospitals, showrooms, departmental stores, law firms and other institutions.

Purpose of Custom Engraved Nameplates

Nameplates stand for a person or particular brand’s product. Custom engraved nameplates provide identity to a unique individual or the products and services of a particular company. They can be used for marketing, or personal expression, or directional routes. With custom engraved nameplates, people can design their house name plaques with different styles and designs. Most of these engraved nameplates are made with wooden plaques, but now you can also customize your nameplates on metal plaques. Most of the commercial premises use stainless steel customized nameplates for their office premises.  

Availability of Nameplates in Different Shapes and Sizes

Although the common nameplates are mostly rectangular in shape, but custom engraved nameplates found in different shapes and sizes. You can customize your own nameplates according to your preferences. They come in the shape of the lettering of the client’s name. They are available in different kinds of materials also such as ceramic, wood, slate rock, acrylic, granite, stainless steel and so on. They are made of polyester with hard coating or polycarbonate that are resistant to ultra violet rays. Once finished, the nameplates have to be mounted on either office doors, or the wall of a retail store. Therefore, they are available in a package that contains both the nameplate and the holder. Custom engraved nameplates allow client to change the design as well as color anytime they want. While some nameplates focus on graphic overlay for the purpose of protection some focus on particular nuances for enhancement of sight. They are chemical resistant, protective against abrasion and transparent. These metal nameplates cannot get affected by heat and moisture, and they are completely weather resistant.

How would you choose the best custom engraved nameplates?

Choosing the right kind of nameplate is necessary if the owner of the nameplate does not want to change it often. This is because he or she will be seeing it each and every day, month and year. So the following things are to be checked before buying a nameplate.

  • As there are lots of choices in nameplates, one needs to choose the material with which it will be made as it must serve the purpose depending on where it is used.
  • The size of the nameplate should be provided as per requirement. In this case, you can measure the area of the nameplates and then place your order for the same.
  • If any image has to be provided for custom engraved nameplates, it must be provided beforehand.
  • Different sizes and styles of lettering are available in the market. Although it is difficult to choose one amongst so many options, the right one is to be chosen that suits the nameplate as well as the environment of the place.

Types of Nameplates

As mentioned before, the types of nameplate depend on the purpose they serve. Following are the common types of nameplates:

  • Nameplates are used widely in offices for the purpose of identification of representatives. Usually such custom engraved nameplates are rectangular in shape with the name and designation imprinted on them. They are generally kept on the desk.
  • Unlike office nameplates, personal nameplates are prone to emotion as well as design. They are mostly made out of wood. Personal nameplates offer more possibilities than office nameplates.

So now you can search the custom engraved nameplates online and design your own nameplates from different online portals.