Why Choose Earmuffs?

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Why Choose Earmuffs? | There are different types of hearing protection devices out there. If you need a device that can provide you with quality and consistent protection from noise exposure, consider using earmuffs. They are the most valuable weapon against hazardous noise exposures. They offer some advantages to both occupational and non-occupational individuals. 

What are the Advantages of an Earmuff?

So why should you choose an earmuff over any other type of hearing protection devices? One of its most significant advantages is the ease of obtaining an appropriate fit. The most important thing is you have to properly adjust the headband and eliminate any obstructions such as thick eyeglass frames and hair. When this is done, there are greater chances that you can achieve the best hearing protection.

Another advantage of an earmuff is its convenience for sporadic noise exposures. Most likely, you can quickly leave them hanging around your neck when you are not using them anymore. Eventually, it can provide you with warmth in your ears, most especially in cold environments. Additionally, there are also newer electronic choices.

You can wear an earmuff over hearing aids. It is perfect for those workers who are getting used to wearing their hearing aids while at work. If workers cannot wear their earplugs because of ear infections, earmuffs are the best option.  

What are the Different Earmuff Types?

Generally, they are divided into two divisions – the passive earmuff and the electronic earmuff. A passive earmuff will significantly depend on its foam insert and the sound-blocking quality of the ear cup. At the same time, an electronic earmuff includes internal circuits that can attenuate or amplify specific sounds or add some unique features to the earmuff. 

One of the preferred options in the industry is the passive earmuff. Its attenuation can range from approximately 20-30 dB. There are different styles to choose from, depending on their special applications. If used with hardhats, then they can choose the cap-mounted versions. On the other hand, if you wear an earmuff together with your face shields and welding helmets, then you can use the multi-position styles. There are also folded versions that can be easily carried and stored away. When visibility is critical, it is important to choose the high-visibility colours suitable for airports, road crews, etc.

Whether you choose a passive earmuff or an electronic earmuff, they all have similar protective benefits. Furthermore, they also come in different styles, such as high-visibility, cap-mounted, etc. There are also a variety of options for specific applications. Their attenuation is most often calculated in the passive mode. However, its greatest features are more evident when the electronics are turned on.

One of the basic features of electronic earmuffs is its ability to amplify sound. When microphones are connected to the earcups, they will transmit a signal to the amplifying circuit. The speaker driver will then adjust so the maximum output will not go beyond 82 dB, safe for occupational noise exposures. When worn in construction sites, the user can still clearly hear co-workers and warning signals but still get protection from occasional hazardous noise exposure. There are even some earmuff amplifications that you can plug into MP3 players and cell phones. There is also a unique variation wherein the earmuff amplification is an AM/FM radio earmuff. It can provide entertainment to the user while protecting their ears against hazardous noise exposures.

An earmuff is one of the greatest hearing protection devices you can use, whether for occupational or non-occupational use.