Why Having Natural Play Spaces is Important?

Natural Play Spaces

WorldExecutivesDigest.comIn the modern days world is being modernized and as a result big industries, classy malls are taking place in the free areas. But the children are loosing the natural space for playing and growing up. They do neither understand the value of nature nor being connected with it. The best way to regain the lost interest in nature is by bringing back them the natural field to play. ; Having natural play spaces are a great way to achieve the same.. The objective of keeping natural field is to make people understand the importance of nature and bring them close to it.

What are the natural play spaces?

The rising demand for natural play areas according to the recent studies that the growing number of children who are suffering from nature-deficit disorder. Richard Louv, in his book, mentioned about this disorder, he mentions that parents are keeping their children away from nature; rather they are introducing them to the pre-manufactured playground, which is overpowering their imaginative play. 

As per the study by Rubenstein, interacting with nature is beneficial for developing the mental and physical health of children. It keeps them young and also helps them in appreciating natural values. Thus, there is a need to bring children close to nature, and the best way to achieve this is by creating natural play areas which are laced with sand, mud, greenery, boulders, hills, plants and other elements of nature.  Many contractors now provide their services where they encompass the natural elements and merge them with modern amenities to create beautiful looking landscapes.

Types of Natural play equipment

Natural play spaces are not merely about plants, bushes, and shrubs; it involves much more.  While designing these parks, utmost care is taken about the safety of the children. These have tree slices, log tunnel; some sensory activity can be created with a planter full of plants where children can plant and water them. Gardening is a part of natural play system; it has wooden benches where children can rest, relax, and interact with fellow children. Open spaces with grass encourage children to run, jump, play around, and have fun. The natural field areas have endless designing options which can be maneuvered as per the requirement of the children at their school according to the space and budget.

What activities can children do in such natural play spaces?

The number of opportunities to play is numerous in these fields. The natural play spaces give children complete liberty to move around and interact with each other. They can jump, do hiking, run around, plant a plant, water them, learn a gardening skill, relax in the laps of nature, biking, cycling and much more. The best part is that they get to do all these activities while they stay close to nature. It’s important that you seek the help of a playground designer who have expert skills in mingling nature with other elements and creating staggering designs.

When tour kids are growing in the materialistic world, we cannot deny the importance of being close to nature. It has its own sets of benefits. This natural ecosystem is the best way to boost the feeling of love for nature in children and make them understand how to preserve natural resources. Having them incorporated in schools and at home can be beneficial. These places help in the physical and mental development of the children when they learn how to grow with nature and take care of the same. Make sure that you hire the best playground design contractor for this work so that they can create an outstanding design with all the elements that are present in the place.