Why Is Electricity Rewiring An Important Home Improvement Project

Home Improvement Project

Emily Stuart | WorldExecutivesDigest.com | Why Is Electricity Rewiring An Important Home Improvement Project | Plenty of homeowners save up to improve their homes. They would hire the best builders and interior designers to enhance the aesthetics of the property. They would also allocate their budget to buy furniture pieces and other fixtures that could add to the beauty of each part of the house. But aside from the aesthetics, it is also crucial to begin a rewiring project in your home, especially if the structure is already old.

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Keeping the electrical wiring system up to date is essential to protect the property and reduce the risk of fire. You need to hire a professional electrician for homeowners who will inspect the property and give you advice regarding the necessary procedures for the rewiring project. To know if your home is due for a rewiring project in the nearest future, here are the telltale signs that you must look out for. 

Ask For The Background Of The Property’s Electrical Work

A key indicator that could help you decide if you need to have your home rewired is the history of the electrical wiring system. Those who will purchase an old house should ask their real estate agent about the previous electrical renovations done in the property. If the wiring system in the establishment has been around for more than 25 years, it means that you need an upgrade. 

Homes with outdated electrical wiring may not be able to keep up with the needs of the latest gadgets. Because of this, get an electrical service upgrade to allow everyone at home to continue using high-tech devices. 

Look For Warning Signs

All homeowners must stay alert at all times. It is a necessary trait to keep the entire household safe from any harm. If you have yet to contact an electrician for homeowners, you can still determine if your property needs immediate rewiring work. Some of these signs include the constant blowing of bulbs and fuses, the frequent tripping of circuit breakers, exposed damaged wires, and over-fused panels. 

You also need to have your electrical wiring reworked if your home experiences strange flickering of lights, hot plugs, and charred outlets. It is also crucial to call the electrician if you always smell something burning and hear buzzing sounds while plugging or unplugging electrical cords of any appliances.

Check For The Presence Of Knob And Tube Wiring System

One of the standard wiring systems that you can find in older homes is the knob and tube wiring system. In the past, electricians take advantage of insulating knobs to stop the wires from getting in contact with any flammable materials. It allowed the tubes to get pass through the joists made from wood. While it was an effective wiring system, it lacked a ground conductor. Because of this, the chances of fires and shocks are higher. The rubber insulation may also cause more problems over time. It means that you need to update your wiring system if your home still uses this antiquated electrical system. 

Look For Existing Electrical Wiring

Old homes also use aluminium electrical wiring system. But this is no longer the practice today since electricians now prefer to utilise copper wiring since it is a better metal that can handle electricity. Aluminium is much softer and more prone to oxidation, arcing, and corrosion. Cooper, on the other hand, has higher conductivity, higher flexibility, more resistant to heat, and more affordable compared to aluminium. 

If you notice that all the warning signals are present in your home, contact your local electrician right away to have everything fixed at once. You need to have the electricity wiring fixed if you want to maintain a beautiful home since it will prevent the property from being roasted in the fire. So always make it a point to check your wiring system to keep it and everyone in the household safe all the time. 

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