Why is it essential to add Video Marketing to your Digital Marketing Campaign

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WorldExecutivesDigest | Why is it essential to add Video Marketing to your Digital Marketing Campaign | There’s no denying that a great video marketing strategy will have a significant impact on the way your company runs. The creation of video content with the help of blog writing services may be the answer you’ve been searching for if you’ve been expecting to see a rise in brand visibility, lead generation, and direct dealings with your consumers.

The value of video marketing has increased dramatically over the past several years, and it is expected to continue to expand. Thus, the format has completely taken over the digital environment and has emerged as the most valuable commodity in any company’s marketing arsenal.

Advantages of Video Marketing for your business

Apart from being ahead of the competitors and abreast of current trends, your business may benefit from the following significant advantages of employing a video marketing plan.

  • Increased conversion rates

Visitors to your website and followers on your social media accounts expect to see videos. Doing so is extremely likely to attract their attention. In less than two minutes, a video may propel a potential customer along the sales funnel.

  • Increased search engine visibility

For the last 15 years, Google has been stressing the value of video content. If you want to improve your website’s search engine rankings, make videos. Videos, on the other hand, may boost your organic traffic by a whopping 157 percent.

  • Brand awareness that is outstanding

As part of your marketing strategy, videos are a wonderful way to increase brand recognition. A video may be used to communicate a company’s narrative, conduct interviews with employees, and provide behind-the-scenes material.

  • Increased return on investment

Most marketers (89 per cent) believe that video marketing offers a decent return on their time and money spent using it. If you’re investing a lot of time and money in marketing, a rise in ROI might have a significant impact on your decision-making.

The best way to create an effective video

These suggestions might help you if you chose to use video marketing in your business.

  • Be Sincere

Professional video creation is not required for all marketing videos. Amateur videos, on the other hand, look more real, resulting in a greater connection with consumers.

  • Keep It Brief

Videos do not have to be lengthy to be effective. Quite the contrary, lengthier videos drive viewers away. The majority of effective marketing videos are under 120 seconds in length.

  • Converse

Consumers appreciate being conversed with. Tailor the video by communicating directly to the audience. Address them individually and clarify why your offer is important to them.

  • Optimize for search engine visibility

All videos should be completely optimised for SEO with keywords, descriptions, and subtitles. While videos may not be the most crucial SEO technique, properly optimised, they may add to the campaign’s effectiveness.

  • Concentrate on the First Ten Seconds

The opening 10 seconds are the opportunity to attract a viewer’s attention. So make sure to take advantage of the first 10 seconds of your video. These seconds should be adequate to address the pain areas of your customer and offer a solution.


If you haven’t already begun video marketing, it’s time to embrace its advantages. With conventional marketing’s efficacy falling and video’s popularity growing, video marketing has now become a must-have for any organisation. This strategy’s high return on investment might assist you in achieving outstanding marketing outcomes.