Why Pililokal is a True-Blue Marketplace for Filipino Artisans

pililokal artisan marketplace for filipinos

World Executives Digest | Why Pililokal is a True-Blue marketplace for Filipino Artisans | When it comes to choosing the perfect marketplace for your artisan products, there’s no better option than the Pili Lokal Marketplace.

Upon reviewing tens and hundreds of different marketplaces, each one having its own advantage over the other, normally you would see patterns of each and every one of them.

Some rely on automation more than anything, others take their time to review the quality of products being placed, while some try to scale too fast and too hard then eventually end up in failure.

But with today’s new technological advantage and genius, when it comes to the Artisan market space, there’s the only one that’s dominant enough to conquer the whole market, and that is Pili Lokal.

Artisan At Its Finest

For several reasons we can consider why it is important to have high-quality artisan products because if you’re aiming for quality that kind of work output and detail surely takes time, yet with Pililokal’s guaranteed %100 satisfaction rate, unlike most marketplaces that just list random products in hopes of earning big money, Pililokal marketplace always makes sure that the quality of the products being listed is on its absolute best, you’re ensured that the products you’re receiving are undoubtedly crème de la crème.

Fast-Paced Delivery

When you buy something online, from a marketplace or even the phone most of the time, it requires home delivery, and whether it arrives late or early, usually the delivery can be anywhere from 3 – 14 days.

Yet with our modern-day marketplaces getting so crowded and filled consumers are at an all-time high, and the demand for the product gets too much, where it comes to a point that the delivery often ends up not looking like it does on photos.

With Pililokal’s fast-paced delivery system, they not only ensure that the quality is 100%, but they also guarantee their best delivery to the buyers. When it comes to choosing marketplaces to buy or list artisan products, there’s no marketplace that beats the Pili lokal marketplace.

The Future Of Ecommerce

 According to Oberlo Uk, It’s estimated that there will be 2.14 billion global digital buyers in 2021, with that many potential customers, imagine the opportunities for more years to come.

In fact, with the expected global population of around 7.87 billion people, an estimation of about 27.2 percent of the world’s population are now shopping online.

What’s clearly shocking is that these numbers have been rising rapidly over the past few years and are expected to continue doing so.

This statistic clearly shows how eCommerce is becoming a more and more important part of global commerce.

It’s growing so quickly that it’s expected to make up a whopping 22.0 percent of retail sales worldwide by 2023.

With all that being said, By you joining the Pililokal marketplace today, you’re setting yourself up for more future success and revenue to come.

About Pili Lokal Marketplace

Pilí’s expertise lies in launching the local marketplace for authentic and handcrafted goods. This e-commerce platform is the home of local sellers to maximize their businesses in the community.

Pili presents three main problems:

  • What are Filipino products?
  • Who are the Filipino artisans/makers?
  • Where do they sell?

Pili Lokal aims to solve these issues by establishing a website platform where consumers can:

  • Know what Filipino products are
  • Identify Filipino merchants
  • Access a community of buyers and Filipino sellers

Want to support local businesses but don’t know how to? Well, get your shopping thumbs ready for PILI will soon launch its website with offers from unique local stores. This is your time to give back to your community and help Filipino entrepreneurs!

For interested merchants, simply send your queries to sales@pililokal.com or contact us at +63998 902 2096.