Why Remote Work Is Better Than Office?

Remote Work

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Most of the employees prefer to telecommute. These people are the ones who are either into fieldwork that comprises of selling products to people or those who work from home. On the basis of the US federal government report, nearly one lakh employees are qualified to telecommute.

Many company’s feat that remote workers will not complete the work within the specified deadline. This concern has been removed by them. Here we are discussing a few advantages that show it clearly that remote work outperforms office work.


Remote work is flexible. This implies that an employee can choose his own working hours. This gives him a work-life balance. He does not have a fixed work schedule. He can adjust his work timings in a way that gives him the freedom to complete his personal and professional work assignments efficiently. When an organization offers flexible schedules, then it implies that they have the ability to entice the best talent from any part of the world and also enhance their bottom line.

With assistance of technological tools such as video conferencing, cloud-based management, CRM tools, instant messaging, etc.  makes quite easy to do all your work with just a laptop and an internet connection. Advanced computer monitoring program helps in supervising the activities of remote workers to ensure safety and security of the company and their critical data.

Ease of recruiting

Recruiting remote workers has never been so easy. That is the reason why startups are turning to contract and remote workers to increase the bandwidth without putting much strain on the monetary resources. As per stealth employees monitoring, remote staff can perform on per project basis and in this way, they can free the internal team for more critical projects within the company.

There are several online websites that offer quality and skilled freelance workers that are well qualified and experienced to perform the job. Company can easily assess their skills and expertise to find the best one for their upcoming projects. Rating systems also assist in verifying and assuring whether or not remote worker is able to complete the projects on time and successfully.

Reduction of costs and increase in productivity levels

Remote workers work for more than forty hours every week. These workers have been seen to increase productivity by thirteen percent. Increase in productivity is due to lesser overhead and spending on leases and mortgages, office supplies, janitorial services, office equipment, water expenses, transit subsidies, furniture, utilities and other forms of office perks that are granted to employees like a company outing or cafeteria.

It costs a lot of money for a company to lose employees. So remote workers provide savings in terms of higher rate of retention. Hiring workers who can perform remotely assist in reducing churning of employees. By 2020, most of the companies would employ a good percentage of remote workers.


Technological advancements such as video calling, instant messaging, cloud productivity tools, etc. eases remote workers to perform the task smoothly. All the above benefits make it quite clear that remote work is more lucrative than office work.