Why Visit Oregon? 6 Things You Need To Know


WorldExecutivesDigest.com | Why Visit Oregon? 6 Things You Need To Know | Usually, Oregon isn’t featured in the main chapters of the US travel guide books. But, the state has some of America’s most awestruck wilderness to explore. Though the city is gaining popularity, it’s still under the radar for most of the travelers. If you are looking for a perfect place to travel on vacation, Oregon is sure to steal your heart! The unrivalled adventure, breathtaking coastline, waterfalls, food, and shopping at the Gateway Mall Springfield demands your attention. 

Besides the wonderful natural beauty and recreation, the entire of Oregon and Portland offers an abundance of options to the shoppers- all 100% tax-free! Whatever you are shopping for, Oregon is sure to have it, that too at sales-tax-free savings. 

Want to know more? Below are the seven convincing reasons you should visit Oregon-

Explore Oregon’s Willamette Valley

Are you wondering about visiting the wine country without the other tourists? If yes, skip Napa Valley or Tuscany, head to Oregon, and get ready to sip your way through wine country! Home to more than 500 wineries specializing in world-class Pinot Noir, Oregon’s Willamette Valley is worth exploring. You’ll walk through rolling hills with grape vines, sculpted shrubs, lavender, and a large manor house where the wine is made. Some wineries also have restaurants that offer tours and samplings. Experience the eye-catching views of the surrounding sun-soaked hillsides and amazing culinary treats.

Catch A Sunset At Oregon’s Coastline

The South Oregon coast is memorable for its high cliff formations and sea stacks. What better way to ending a busy day than watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean while sipping some craft wine? If you love long walks, there are a plethora of hiking trails where you can explore the incredible Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach. If you are looking for some beautiful coastal views you have never seen before, you must add south Oregon in your bucket list.

Marvel At The Gigantic Waterfalls

If you always look around to find the Mother Earth’s wonders, Oregon is truly a heaven for you! The scenic out-of-the-world sight of hundreds of waterfalls along the Cascades Mountain Range will simply take your breath away. Don’t love hiking? Not a big deal! Many of Oregon’s waterfalls can be viewed by taking a short walk or driving to the parking area. 

Shop To Your Delight At The Bustling Malls And Outlets

Are you looking for something special for someone? Or, do you want to take a souvenir back home? Whether it is branded clothes, jewelry, outdoor gear, or antique art pieces, you’ll have a delightful experience discovering a wide selection of things. The unique shops and boutiques, national chains, and outlets will inspire even the most avid of the shoppers with a bonus of tax-free shopping. The Gateway Mall Springfield Oregon offers exquisite shopping, dining, and entertainment to all. With more than 80 stores, 29 movie theatre screens, restaurants, and much more, the mall provides shoppers with an amazing experience.

As Oregon has no sales tax, you’ll save 5% to 10% on whatever you buy. You can find renowned brands, such as Macy’s, Apple, Nordstrom, H&M, etc. Also, Oregon is known for its hand-crafted ethos, and DIYs for producing Project Runway fashion reality show winners. Heading to the eastern side of Portland, you’ll find Oregon’s largest mall, Lloyd Center. The Central Eastside or close-in neighborhoods feature top-notch, modern stores and made-in-Portland goods, such as leather products, bike gear, home decor goods.

Float Down The River Eating Pizza And Sipping Wine

Oregon is also a paradise for foodies. Known for its exotic ice cream flavors, donuts, and some of the best craft beer in the US, it’s a perfect city to spend your vacations. While drinking beer and eating pizza, you can raft down the river in Grant’s Pass. Nestled on the Rogue River, it is located in the far south. The Paddled Hub will also provide you with a unique experience where you can meet up with a group at a brewery, pick a beer, ride in a van, and raft down the river.

Oregon Is A Haven For Photographers

Whether you are a professional photographer or simply love clicking photos with a smartphone, Oregon’s beautiful, surprising landscapes are a haven for you! Even if you get tired of shooting at one landscape, you’ll find a totally different landscape at just an hour’s distance.

Rivers, waterfalls, mountains, landscapes away from the crowd, and exquisite tax-free shopping make Oregon a wonderland. So, plan to spend your vacations in Oregon this year; you’ll cherish every moment there!