Why would you appoint a Volkswagen service Mechanic?

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Zac Ferry, World Executives Digest |  We all know the importance of periodic maintenance of a vehicle. A regular service is important because it is a way to keep a check on the condition of the various components and ascertain when they need to be repaired or replaced. This adaptation makes it easier for the drivers to remain stress free and safe on the road. If you have a Volkswagen car then you need to consult with a Volkswagen service mechanic for maintaining your car. They have prior knowledge about different parts of the car and they can also help you to claim your insurance if required.

#What Is Included in The Periodic Maintenance?

  • Oil Change: The oil is changed at regular intervals which help to maintain lubrication and protection.
  • Brakes: The anti-lock braking system is serviced so the brakes can work fast and reliable.
  • Tires Check: The tires are given a close inspection to check that they have not lost their grip. Other tire service needs like tread pattern, tire pressure and others are also verified.
  • Battery Check: The batteries are checked for replacement.
  • Wiper Blades: The wiper blades should be ideally checked every 15,000 miles.
  • Pollen Filter and Air Filter Replacement: It is checked if these are working properly or they require a replacement.

Apart from all the above, there are multi point inspections to check if everything is fine in the way the car functions. You can consult with the Volkswagen service mechanic to inspect your car and they will identify the problems of your car within short time. Then they will describe the details and the causes of the problems, and you can appoint him to conduct the servicing task under his supervision. At the end of the servicing, the mechanic will provide you the details reports along with the bills, and they will also update your logbook with their servicing details.

#6 Benefits of Volkswagen Service

  1. A Wide Network of Service and Parts

At Volkswagen, you can be assured of a quality service for your vehicle. There are enough warehouses in a region that ensure that the customer gets the parts that they need, when they need it. There is a wide network of service and parts to reach the different customers.

Trained and Qualified Personnel

The company ensures that only qualified and trained personnel can repair your car. This is ensured by regular and extensive training programs for the work force and regional training academies that train approximately 2000 manpower every year.

Express Service

The customers do not have to wait in long queues to get their car serviced. Express car service is provided at some of the locations and you can avail this service by consulting your nearest Volkswagen service mechanic.

Exclusive Benefits

The customer also gets to enjoy a number of exclusive service benefits such as paint warranty for 3 years, new vehicle warranty for a period of 2 years or unlimited number of kilometers, anti-perforation warranty for 6 years and a free inspection for either 7500 km or 6 months.

Excellent Customer Support

Besides an A-quality service, the company also promises excellent customer support. It comes in different forms like 24X7 roadside assistance, customer assistance at the center, reminder for service, pick and drop service to add convenience, regular information about the status of the vehicle during service via SMS.

Apart from this, a Volkswagen Service Mechanic is always there to address any customer related issues. They are prompt to respond to customer e-mails, telephone calls and mail posts from customers. So, visit your nearest service center and meet the Volkswagen Service Mechanic today. He will provide you with all the necessary assistance and guidance and let you know what is best for you.