Women’s shoes: Everything you need to know!

Women’s shoes: Everything you need to know!

WorldExecutivesDigest | Women’s shoes: Everything you need to know! | Many shoes that are available today are products designed on older types found in early civilisations like Mesopotamia and Armenia 5,500 years back! Nascent forms of shoes made of furs and animal leathers existed even before, but the first proper shoe was a leather shoe. Today, there are so many shoe types, worn according to the event, style, gender and locality! 

Australian fashion has its qualities and perks that make it unique. From Women’s UGG in Australian Made to leather derbies, the quality and types of shoes are endless! Australians love a lot more than their beach sandals–the footwear market collects revenue of almost $3900 as of 2021! It is one of the biggest Aussie retailers. There is no doubt that the female demand for fashion and footwear is much bigger than that of the general market.

This goes without saying; women love a good pair of shoes for their outfits. But there are so many outfits! Australian fashion trends have been steadily changing in the past few years. But like how an LBD remains a timeless classic, several wardrobe essentials remain unvarying in the Australian fashion market.

Fashion Guide

There are so many outfits and a pair of footwear suitable for every dress! The list is always endless when it comes to women’s fashion. However, here are a few essentials that one must have to pass the vibe check:

  • Tinted Blazers: These coats have been in vogue in the Aussie market for the last couple of years. Tinted blazers come in various colours–be it solid colours like black or pastel shades like lilac. These blazers can be styled over anything! Like how one uses a jean jacket, one can also wear these blazers over their LBDs for a date night. Straight-cut blazers can replace office suits too! These blazers can be worn over formal pants for an office conference. 
  • UGG Boots: Women’s UGG in Australian Made is heralded as legendary footwear in Australia. These were inspired by the utilitarian boots worn in the 1800s to protect against the harsh winters. Today, ugg boots are a winter necessity. They come in different heights and patterns! Some ugg boots have a bow on them, while others have zippers. Aussies love these sheepskin boots, and they are worn by many surfers even today. Nowadays, they are made from more sustainable and eco-friendly raw materials as well. Some ugg boots even partner with top jewellery brands to embellish these boots for the extra bling!
  • Plain White Tees: Plain white shirts are a blessing in disguise. They are especially versatile and can be worn everywhere, for any event. A simple white tee paired with crisp blue jeans and a white trench gives you a chic outfit for your coffee run. A clean white blouse paired with an ash pencil skirt will make you office-ready! These shirts usually come in a blend of cotton and synthetic materials, making them comfortable and washable.
  • Dressy Shorts: Australian weather is predominantly summer and beachy. Dress shorts become a cute add-on to the fashion guide as they are easy to wear, comfortable and help one sport a simple yet classy look. While there are denim shorts, Wearers generally prefer beach shorts that are loose around the thighs. 
  • Flip-flops: These need no explanation. Flip-flops are flat-heeled footwear that can be worn for a quick run to the supermarket or a walk with your dog. They are highly versatile and skid-free. Nowadays, they even come in fancy patterns! 
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