Your Best Guide to Finding the Most Suitable Food and Drink Suppliers for Your Restaurant

Your Best Guide to Finding the Most Suitable Food and Drink Suppliers for Your Restaurant  | Your Best Guide to Finding the Most Suitable Food and Drink Suppliers for Your Restaurant | Many aspects go into running your restaurant, and you are most likely well aware of all these different aspects, from marketing and advertising to profit and sales to stocks and supplies. Supplies, for instance, are crucial to your restaurant’s operations, and if you don’t have the right amount of stocks and supplies at any given time, this can be detrimental to your business. This brings us to your goal of finding the most suitable food and drink suppliers for your restaurant. You need to find a supplier who can fit your objectives and requirements regarding ingredient quality, of course. But there are other matters to consider as well. If you want to find the most suitable suppliers for your restaurant, here’s your best guide.

  • Make a list of your restaurant menu

This may take some time and effort, but it’s vital that you sit down and list your restaurant menu and write down whatever ingredients you require. You can have your manager or chef help you with this, but your objective is to have a comprehensive listing of all the food and drink ingredients you should have on hand. It’s best not to forget base ingredients like salt and pepper as well as ice and bottled water. The list should be as detailed as possible – if your chef needs organic fruit juice puree, for example, you should note this down and take note of the quantity as well. 

  • Consider the availability of storage 

Of course, when you deal with supplies, it’s best to buy everything in bulk. But you also have to take note of the availability of storage for all these items. If you are buying beef in bulk, for instance, then you need to have a freezer that can hold this. The same is true for organic fruit juice puree – they usually come in 20-kilogram or 25-kilogram bags in boxes or even 200-kilogram frozen drums, so your pantry needs to have the capacity for this as well. Organic fruit puree suppliers like EE & Brian Smith can also supply fruit puree in frozen pails if you require this, but make sure you have the storage capacity for the items you need. 

  • Think about your volume of sales 

You also have to think about your volume of sales so you will know exactly how much you require. It’s useless to store too much of one item if you only need a certain amount each week, for example. There are also perishable items that you would have to use within a specific time frame, and this is something that you need to carefully think about so no item goes to waste. When you determine the amount you need each week or every two weeks, then you can also determine the number of deliveries you need for that item, which can be every week, every month, and so on. 

  • Ask the right questions 

Once you have your prospective list of food or drink suppliers, it’s time to contact them and ask the right questions. When you contact them, prepare your list of food or drink supplies and ask them about pertinent details such as the schedule of delivery, the procedure for ordering, and the payment terms, especially on credit. You may also want to ask them about a catalogue and references for other customers they supply.