Your Online Guide to Programming

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World Executives Digest | You might be very interested to learn to program codes but don’t know where to start from. Coding can be very daunting and to be honest, it is difficult to learn to code. But if you can get the right resources and the right mindset you will be able to code like a pro in like no time at all. The first step to learning to code is to determine which language you want to be an expert in. There are so many different coding languages and more are being invented regularly. So it is first important to determine the type of languages you want to be an expert in.

To make a plan

Now as already mentioned there are many different types of programming language to start learning. You need to make a plan first to guide yourself. The first part of the plan is to decide which field of programming you want to be an expert on. For example, there are front-end designers who design the interface of a website page. The layer of a website that you can access is called the user interface. There are many different languages that you can learn for being a front-end website designers. Coding languages like HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, AJAX are front-end designing language. Other than that if you want to be a back end designer for a website languages like JS, PHP, Python, Ruby, and others are required. The algorithms and logical actions that take place in the back end of a website when you give an input something in the user interface is called back-end website design. Another important part of website designing is database designing and development. You need to learn My SQL, firebase, Oracle database, and other languages to operate on this software. Another path you might consider taking is to be a mobile application designer. Today Android and IOS are most popular. To be an Android developer you must learn Android Studio. There are many other languages you need to learn to be an Android web developer. If you want to develop IOS mobile applications it is best to learn Swift coding language. You can also be a software developer for both Windows PC. You can learn C sharp, C++ language and Java for developing desktop PC software. You will want to check into a software engineering program to learn software development. All these choices are a good choice but first, you need to make a goal and then make plans for achieving that goal.

Where to learn programming

There are many ways to learn to program sitting at home or by joining an institution. If you want to take programming as a full-time career you can be a computer science graduate from reputed universities. If you just want to take this up as a hobby or as a part-time income source there are many online courses that offer these courses in a very systematic manner. You can join any of these courses and start learning as soon as possible. It is important to check the reviews and ratings of the courses. Another way can be to learn from youtube tech channels that keep uploading videos regularly on any particular coding languages. Blogs are also a good way to learn to code. It is important to pick a correct mentor to learn from. Reviews and ratings of the source you are learning from are important when making a decision.

Keep your focus

In the beginning, coding can be a painful and frustrating experience. But it is important to remember that with proper practice and time you can learn to code as you have dreamt of. Remember to commit to coding daily and practice weekly what you have learned. Doing projects on what you have learned is a very good way to check your progress.

There are many ways to learn to code programming languages in this era of connectivity. All you need is the will power and mindset to learn.