Your Top Questions on Solar Panel Installations in the UK Now Answered 

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Your Top Questions on Solar Panel Installations in the UK Now Answered | The average home can certainly benefit from a solar panel installation, and a lot of homeowners have already been taking advantage of such a system for years. If you are thinking of investing in one of these types, you are fortunate because the cost of the system has gone down even further. Thanks to more competition amongst manufacturers and installers, today’s homeowners can benefit from lower expenditures when deciding to have a solar panel system. But you may have some questions, as you want to make sure that your investment is worthwhile in every way. So what should you know about solar panel investment? Here are the answers to your top questions on solar panel installations in the UK. 

How much do I have to spend?

The expense you may have to shell out for your solar panel system would be from £5,000 to £10,000, but this will vary depending on the size of your system and how many residents you have. It follows that if more people are residing on your property, you will need more energy, and the cost of your system will become higher. But the minimum amount you should expect to spend on an any-sized system would be around £5,000. 

How much can I save with my system?

As confirmed by specialists in standard and in roof solar panels, another question that’s foremost on many peoples’ minds is the savings they can get from their system. This will vary depending on your consumption and your system’s size, but know that you can save in two ways: decrease the energy you acquire from the grid, or get potential earnings when you opt for the SEG or Smart Export Guarantee. Your savings can also depend on where you are located. In London, for instance, a system can potentially save you from £100 to £270 annually, whereas in Manchester, a system can give you savings from £90 to £230.

If you go for a 4kW system, which is a common size, you can save around £270 per year, and with a 5kW system size, you can save approximately £320. Your savings can also increase depending on when and how you use the electricity generated by your system. If you use it during the day, you can get more from your system, but you may have to get more from the grid if you use your electricity during the evening. 

How many panels would I require for my home?

This is another major question, and the answer to this will take into account several variables. The primary factor would be the amount of energy or electricity you consume. Whilst there is no single correct answer, one general guideline is that it would take about four panels for every kilowatt you need. Most panels will generate about 250W for every 4 hours of sunlight (provided that it’s full), so in reality, a 3kW system can be enough for a home with three occupants based on the average consumption. With this formula, you may require about 12 solar panels. 

As mentioned, 4kW systems are more common in the UK, and it’s often good enough for 3 to 4 people. Following the formula, your 4kW solar panel system can have around 16 panels.